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Of Of’s

Yes, you knew this was coming. If you have been reading this blog for a while, or subscribed to it many moons ago and cannot understand why, take a Deep Breath. I shall answer all your queries. All I need is one blog post where I explain to you one preposition. A preposition that has been holding this entire monstrosity together. A preposition that is akin to Achilles’ heel, one that is liable to tear things apart, even as it grounds them. I am only talking about little, old Of.

Lately, I’ve been telling people about my blog. I didn’t want to, when I was in the thick of blogging newbie ecstasy. When I felt what I was doing was important. That it was changing me for the better and that it was touching lives. Five people liked a post? Hurray! There is hope for humanity after all, courtesy moi. But there is one other cliche about humanity other than a messianic complex – exponential desire. Desire to get bigger, better, popular, more important. All Hollywood baby, that’s where Of Opinions is going…

Uh, Of Opinions? Couldn’t you have selected a less boring, less prosaic name? How about something cute like HeartsandButterflies? Or something funny and sexually adventurous, like the wonderful My Blog is my Boyfriend? Now, that is a blog worth spending your time on. But, while Hollie keeps you endlessly interested with all things relationshippy, if I wrote a blog like that, it would make a very boring half page, not even worth an entire post. Take The Return of the Modern Philosopher, for example. I followed him(Austin, the blogger behind Modern Philosopher) because he is a legit screenwriter, focusing on romantic comedies, and I have similar aspirations. I followed to learn, and since then I have had many a Deep Thought. But, while he can write many fascinating posts on running and togas, and the educational screenwriting ones, I can’t possibly have any similar, for lack of a more positive word, gimmick. What do I do? Write about going to the supermarket in a sari and breaking into a dance to Bollywood muzak? As if that ever happened. Well, it did, except for the sari part.

Take the lovely Storytime with John for example. I’ve been rethinking my categories(or putting it  in thought, as I never really thought about it) and was reminded of his categorization. It’s simple, original, and neatly ties in with his overall theme – both visual and thematic. Comedy Capers and Silliness is so much more interesting than what I have come up with – Of Dramedies, Of Musicals, Of Funnies, Of Psychical, Of Miscellany. More like yawn-nellany.

I’ve been learning about blogging as I read and write them. And my only gimmick is a sodding Of in my title. And I have another dirty, irritable Opinions as the rest of my blog name. Genius. Now that I am towards the end of my quarter life crisis where I’ve decided to give in, instead of having a breakthrough, people who are still kind enough to ask me what I want to do in life, also ask for any practicable proof of that want. I tell them, almost nonchalantly, about my blog. And their reaction is just as anti-climactic. And here I was thinking that there was a fifty-fifty (what philosophers would call a brain-in-a-vat scenario) chance of my becoming an internet sensation. Instead, I am trapped by a preposition.

Opinions I don’t know how to escape from. I’ve tried to justify it with a sort of mission statement. But, with Of, I kind of, sort of, have a different approach to looking at it. Yes, it is a gimmick, a tiny, even silly gimmick. But, it’s the one that makes me keep coming back. I’ve had an exponential growth in my blog, and that is only because of the convenience of title and topic. I get a vague idea of what to write about, and an Of puts me in the right direction. I have a tendency to meander, if you haven’t noticed by now, and my Of of the day keeps pointing in the right destination. It may be common, but it isn’t as prosaic if you try to look at it in a different way. This might be the naughtiest thing I ever write in a mostly asexual blog, but if you look at an Of from a graphical point of view, the capital O looks ginormous next to the much skinnier f. If you vertically superimpose the skinny f at the bottom of the O, what you get is almost a,female symbol
which isn’t really bad, is it? It is positive, it is female, it is a symbol of empowerment, qualities I want to have. And if my blog can help me be that, well, then my blog may well be my boyfriend! For now, my blog is an erratic, confused, teenage school girl who looks forward to graduating into a well-informed, generous, tolerant and extremely charming lady. Hope she gets there soon enough.


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104 thoughts on “Of Of’s

  1. ‘I tell them, almost nonchalantly, about my blog. And their reaction is just as anti-climactic.’ I have certainly found this to be true in my experience! Yesterday I sat, without a family, at a table of three famlies. I tried mentioning the latest endeavours on my blog…but the jelly for dessert proved more captivating.

      1. I had such high hopes that my blogging would change the world! That was until the other day when I was speaking to a good friend about one of my posts, assuming he’d read it, and was met with a blank face. We went on to speak, over a coffee, about how good coffee is changing the world. If our blogs could be both Freshly Pressed and Caffeinated, we could be onto something world-changing.

  2. Love this! congrats on being Freshly Pressed too!

    At least you don’t have to explain that you not so secretly like Murder She Wrote every time someone asks about your blog (and when I say every time I mean the two times anyone asks me about my blog).

    Sophie x

  3. Congrats on the blog growth! I’ve been at mine since April and am not quite seeing a great rise in my followers. I have an art blog where I post photoshop creations and comics I’ve made. Right now I’m working on a serious comic I hope to print someday. Any advice for a newbie blogger?

    1. a) Be consistent. Whether you post once a week or everyday, try to post as regularly, and more or less on the same days of the week.
      b) try to read and follow blogs that are similar to yours. There are plenty of great comics blogs here, and just art blogs in general.
      c)leave comments. Not just a simple “well done”, though that often says a thousand words! But something more thoughtful, that shows you really read and invested time into their blog. Obviously, you should find their post(s) interesting enough!
      d) try to write posts once in a while sharing details and tips on how you go about your work.
      Thanks for reading! Good Luck!

      1. I like and appreciate this advice. I’ve picked something from it. I have understood that getting close to successful bloggers and learning from them is a good way to make a head way in blogging. Hence, I spare no effort to read stuff like this and follow the advice.

      2. Thank you for calling my blog a success! I wouldn’t have thought so before being featured on Freshly Pressed. The most important thing is to keep working and building on your blog, writing about things you are passionate about. That is what will make people want to read you.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post today; as a blogging ‘stalker’ (I have not started yet…still exploring the idea of blogging as I am a paper and pen girl at heart). This gave me some insight and some encouragement to say the least 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! You’re right, the writing should speak for itself, even though the title does not interest people in my life in any way. Thanks for reading!

  5. I love this! Your blog’s title ‘Of Opinions’ may be “boring” and “prosaic” (your words not mine), but your writing could not be further from these adjectives! Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s wonderful!

  6. well I m a newbie here to read this smart blog! what i have got to know is your command over relating miscellaneous spices together to prepare your blog…. its really nice to read this..
    but I do wanna know your the way you set off your journey as a blogger…

  7. I’ve begun many of my posts with ‘on,’ where you would use ‘of.’ Like you said, I start with a vague idea, and ‘on’ points me in a more specific direction. As for my title, ‘Brian Writing,’ I guess I just decided the only element of consistency to my posts would be that fact that Brian (me) was Writing them. All else was anybody’s guess.

    Great post!

    1. Ha ha! Relieved to know I’m not alone!
      The “Of” comes from how essays were traditionally written by people like Francis Bacon, John Locke etc. I presume it went out of fashion in the 19th century. I actually wanted to write a book of essays with Of’s, but I figured nobody would be interested so I started blogging instead!
      Thanks for reading!

  8. Am relating sister. I also suffer from ‘blog envy’ and ‘boring fear’. I, too, pretend I’m only writing for myself then check my stats hourly. Thanks for inspiring me to keep plugging away (and to reconsider my categories).

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  10. You have a lot more going on here than a “diary.” To coin a phrase from “A Chorus Line,” which you might not ever have heard of, I feel like I’m “(writing) for my own enjoyment.” The beauty of your “ofs” is that you’re speaking for an entire generation of “ofs.” My kids are also in their twenties and your voice is their’s. The difference is that you’re expressing yourself very well, in my opinion, in a creative, thoughtful way. Who knows what will happen to any of us who blog? I just know it makes me happy to put together a true, humorous story that my readers (my mother and her friends) seem to enjoy. You’re on to something. It’s great. Thanks for this post.

    1. I am a little overwhelmed by your comment. I feel extremely grateful at your kind and generous words, so, first of all, thank you very much. I feel stumped and rather confused by your saying that my writing voice is representative of people in their twenties. If that is true, (and as you have have kids my age, you must have a far better understanding of us!), then I feel pressured and gratified in equal measure. I have always thought myself, whatever age I’m in, to be out of step with my peers. I get along better with people who are younger or older than me. I don’t ever know how to be my age, and maybe that is an affliction that most other people my age have as well. I only try to understand it, and that maybe representative of who we are.

      Thank you again for your comment!

  11. I’m a new blogger. I don’t know what I’m doing or how exactly to navigate my way through this site. I’m yet learning by trial and error. I’m yet trying to get it and be patient for the desired results. Feels like I need a tutor or mentor or something. Sometimes I feel inept. However your blog was the first one that I was able to process more than just the first paragraph. Therefore, I’m going to follow you and take some notes on how this thing is done. Thanx again.

    1. Congratulations on starting your blog! I have been through a lot of trial and error myself, as I’ve had many a failed blog in the last 9 years! Even in WordPress here, I’ve learnt about blogging as I do it, and I haven’t been doing it for too long. So, I still have a lot to learn! You will find plenty of posts I’ve written on my blogging journey. For a tutor/mentor, I highly recommend The Daily Post blog as they have a lot of advice and other tools from which you can learn.
      Good luck and thanks for reading!

      1. Thanx for your expeditious reply. It certainly boosts my moral. You say you haven’t been doing this long, we’ll nine years seems like a long time to me. Thanx for the advice and tips.
        Happy blogging. 😎

      2. Actually, this blog has been active only 5 months. The 9 years before that had just been starting blogs and never getting any readers and so, quitting! I was amazed when I first got readers on this one!

      3. I know the feeling. Trying not to give up so quickly in the game is my challenge right now. I keep being told that I just started and be patient. Right now I’m having a problem with figuring out how to change the site name. It’s misspelled. So congrats on starting this blog. It must be exciting to not only get readers but to have them reply. Awesome!!!

  12. I’ll be adding your blog to my watching list (but not creepy-stalking type watching…) as I see a lot of your style in my own words. I may be a newcomer on WordPress, but I’ve had a couple of blogs on Google that either 1) never took off, or 2) I got bored with or 3) both….

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