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Of Grandeur


Of Opinions has crossed the 1000 followers mark! As always, thank you for taking her this far. It’s been a grand ride. I’m glad you were part of it. I’m writing one of those taking stock posts again, and 1000 seems like a pretty good number to look back on. It does make me a little sad that very few of the 1000 actually read my blog from time to time. However, they’ve all helped in getting her to this comfortable place, and that matters a lot.

But, is comfort good enough? Well, with all the millions of blogs out there, I’m thankful to even be seen, let alone read. There was something about this in a post featured on Freshly Pressed recently. It was on the difference between attention and value. As far as that equation goes, I do get more more value-based attention than attention just for the sake of it. There is nothing in this blog that people are desperate to read. I picture my readers casually browsing through while being comfortably sat on a chair, drinking tea. It’s more Reader’s Digest than The Telegraph, I suppose. Though I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

What I do know is, I want to shake things up a bit. I’ve felt that for most of this month. I don’t want to change what I do, I just want to add more to it. I used to think about making videos but, it’s just too much of an investment for now. And, would you really like me to ramble on about my miseries in a ten-minute video? Only a proper comedian could make that work. I was thinking about making podcasts but, again, I’m not sure. I’ve made a couple of demos but, c’mon, it’s a completely different medium. It took me quite a few bumps to settle in on a writing format that works here. But, translating the core of this written blog to something that is even more personality-driven ( it’s speaking, after all ) will require a great deal of work. And, most of all, I don’t know if it will be any good!

So, what do I do to keep things grand? I don’t want to get bored of blogging. I feel like that twice a month, but then I start aching to write and share again. This isn’t humility; it’s plain relief at the fact that I can fulfil my need to be read on a blog that keeps growing. Forgive me if I grow an annoying amount of ego in case I make it in writing but, for now, I’m just relieved I have some place to satisfy my urge to be read. I have been managing a good three posts + one quote on a weekly basis, which is a good enough schedule for me. I’m doing nothing to promote my blog though. I keep meaning to work on that but, I don’t want to become too obsessed with stats. Though, that’s probably a good thing.

Since there aren’t any solid ideas around, maybe I should only focus on doing what I do, and try to do it better. Who knows, in a disjointed train of thought something may suggest itself and Of Opinions will stop being a well-settled civil servant for a while and find some rock and roll in her.

Do you have any ideas for making Of Opinions grander?


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12 thoughts on “Of Grandeur

  1. Congratulations!
    I don’t know how you can make your blog grander, but I know, that I wouldn’t listen to videos or podcasts. I just prefer reading. (Not that much help here, sorry)

    1. Thank you, and that is of much help! Video is out of the question for now, but I was considering podcasts after reading a blog that talked about how to shake things up on your own blog. I really have no idea if podcasts will work for this blog, so I am in no hurry as yet to try them. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

    In terms of yours worries of becoming bored blogging, I totally understand what you mean! Sometimes when you reach a certain level of success (as you have with this milestone!) you’re left saying, “well… what now?” I would suggst to challenge yourself in the topics you write; maybe write about a controversial issue or your take on something in the news. Since this is different than what you usually write about, you would be out of your comfort zone and striving for a new goal.

    Also, in terms of promotion, I have found that within WordPress the best way is to get involved in the community (duh!) and read and comment on other blogs. Out of WordPress I haven’t quite figured out myself, but the general consensus seems to be joining ‘writing circles’ (on social media, for example) and promoting your content that way. I hope this helps!

    1. Thank you Sherina for your generous comment! I will definitely try your tips on promotion, they seem very doable!
      You make a very good point about writing topical, potentially controversial posts. My first rule with my blog is to keep it a positive place. So, even if it is about ideas and opinions, I try not to tread on anything that can be a little divisive. I myself am no good with such debatable things about which people usually have polarising views. But, I suppose I can try to venture into it, albeit gently and carefully, in the style I have developed here. Recently, I wrote a feminist piece and another on the darker side of humanity inspired by an atrocious event. Thankfully, neither produced any angry comments, though the feminist piece did prove to be polarising. But yes, I will definitely take your advice and try and find the courage to write on things of this nature again, especially women’s issues.
      Thanks again!

      Links to those posts in case you wanna read them:

  3. You underestimate yourself. I look forward to your posts. I was particularly taken with Of Depression and Optimism. I wanted to comment, but was a bit thrown by it being too close to home for me. While it might be true that a number of your followers don’t stop by very often, that might be because they follow too many to keep up with. I follow what I think is quite a lot of blogs, but never so many that I miss my favourites. I perfer to savour the posts I read, and try to comment rather than simply Like. I do think Blogging is more personal than other social media; it takes more effort to post, and as such deserves more of our time.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I do try and do the same as well. I don’t skim over posts, I usually take my time in reading them and try and comment if I have anything to say. Likes and follows are nice to get, but receiving thoughtful comments, such as yours, makes me feel that the post has inspired the reader to think, which is my inspiration with this blog in the first place, ( hence, its name ).
      I’m glad you liked the depression and optimism post. I’d felt like I was the only one who felt this way, but I’m relieved to know there are others who feel the same. Our mental health culture isn’t perfect. There are many aspects of it that are so individual, and yet important towards understanding the condition as a whole. I have read quite a bit of the academic literature available on anxiety and depression, and I often find that reading blogs on first hand experiences are much more relatable. It makes me feel less alone, and costs much less than therapy!
      Btw, thanks to you, I’ve finally started watching Father Ted! It’s great! I wish I was Father Dougal. Life would be so much easier!
      Thanks again!

      1. You’re very welcome. So glad you’re enjoying Father Ted! Every episode is a classic…..kicking the bishop up the backside….the sheep competition….the milkman. And Dougal trying to grasp the concept of Small Cows and Far Away Cows. Enjoy!!!

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