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Of Categories

blogpictureRecently, I opened a Bloglovin account. I don’t know how it matters in the great scheme of things when it comes to running a blog but, it seemed a relatively easy thing to do to promote my blog. However, there was something about it that left me a little disappointed. As soon as I had claimed my blog – linked my account to my blog – I found Of Opinions would be categorized as Other. I went through the other categories available but, there were none that could relate to what I do here even in the smallest way. I could put it in Films, Music and Books  which, believe it or not, was my original intention with my culture blog here, but it wouldn’t be fair on someone searching for blogs of a similar nature and landing up here. As much as I would like Of Opinions to be noticed, this wouldn’t be the way. Being Other seems to be the only option right now which, deeper philosophical connotations aside made me think, is what I do here really that uncategorizable in the general bloggingly way of doing things?

I am laughably bad at categorizing my content even on my blog as my category cloud to the right will show you. I am ironically proud of it because it shows that silliness can co-exist with my often sombre content. However, since I discovered the concept of category pages, I have been thinking of simplifying my categories and having them all up there in that bar thing you have ( yes, that is how proficient I am in blog design terminology ). To be honest, I never realized initially that my content would be this niche. I could simply categorize them all as Life or Philosophy or Musings and be done with it but, not many of them are any of those in the most exclusive sense. When I think category, I want something that is representative of that label. If it is Life, I expect to be reading about somebody’s life. If it is Philosophy, I expect to find something that pertains to that field. By being identified as Other, Bloglovin is telling me that Of Opinions is uncategorizable and thus only people who are bored of popular subjects that are available can come to Other and find something weird. But, is what I do here really that weird? Really that Other from anything else?

I’ve been regularly blogging for nine months now. I am familiar enough with WordPress to know that this kind of content isn’t one of the more popular ones. In fact, my most read posts are about what I knew the least of when I started – blogging. When a post of mine on blogging got featured on Freshly Pressed, the editor sent me an email to inform me about it. He also said my posts on blogging deal with many of the predicaments that bloggers themselves face. I guess I am able to account for these predicaments fairly well because I like to identify the nature of problems. I am not someone who can give you a Top Ten list of solutions to anything. I am the one who feasts on how uncomfortable a situation is. And it is not because I am averse to solutions and relief but, because I find tension much more interesting. I find puzzles more captivating. I like smooth textures but when I work, I can’t help but be fascinated by the cracks. I wouldn’t recommend it in case you want a healthy mind but, this is how mine works.

I am more or less content with the readership I get here. I would like the blog presentation to be better. I would like my older, lesser read posts to be read now that my readership keeps increasing. But, I would like to solidify my presence further, as I aim to be a full-time writer. Even in the mythical situation of securing a ridiculously privileged book deal with Penguin, I know that having a somewhat solid online presence is necessary to get your work seen. And despite my work here being uncategorizable in the blogging milieu, I still think it is closer to my own grand scheme of things than anything else I would do that would be more category-friendly. Being Other, for now, is fine by me.

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2 thoughts on “Of Categories

    1. Thank you very much! Your content is excellent and it is a shame that subjects of this nature are considered to be “Other” in the blogging world but not in any educational outfit, like a school or a university. I don’t know why the possibility of having people who like to talk about these subjects in an informal and creative space for a readership that is not expected to have any academic interest in them is not entertained.
      Thanks again!

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