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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very-inspiring-blogger-awardThank you to Kate M. Colby, Kate Evans and Sherina Harris for nominating me for this award! I’m very grateful to these lovely bloggers for thinking of me and very kindly nominating me. I’ve been meaning to get down to it for quite a while but life ( and well, Doctor Who ) got in the way. I actually find blog awards quite difficult to respond to because they do get quite personal. My default mode of operation in life is to happily talk about nothing. It baffles me to come up with one fact about myself, let alone seven passably interesting ones. I think we can all agree that my musings are way more interesting ( and hopefully, inspiring ) than my personal facts. If I get an epitaph post my … you know what, it will probably read, “She came. She saw. She did nothing.” However, I hope I am able to come up with something worth your time here. So, without further ado, allons-y!

1. My favourite food is deep-fried fish. I might get bored of other favourites but, never this. Doctor Who fans, have you tried fish fingers and custard? I’m thinking of making some soon and would like to know if it’s worth the risk.

2. I love boxes. I collected pencil boxes as a child and even now, I love checking new ones out for shapes, colours, functions etc. My most recent favourite was a cake-tin I got for Christmas.

3. I love clothes. I equate browsing clothes, fabrics etc. to browsing books in a library or a shop. Not very kind to sales assistants, as I don’t usually buy what’s caught my eye but, again, I love checking them out for their details.

4. Years ago, in a play, I played an American farmer with ginger hair and moustache ( I also did a Southern accent and I think it was quite good ). We had professional makeup artists do our makeup ( it was an all-female cast ). However, they had left by the time the play got over, which was nearly midnight. None of us men had any idea on how to take our facial hair off ( I was, thankfully, spared a beard and bushy eyebrows ). So, we walked over to my home ( it was the nearest ) and tried to scrub it off with a combinations of things – coconut oil, facewash etc. By morning, I think I had actually turned ginger with all the scrubbing.

5. I was cripplingly shy as a child. So shy, that in my new school at age nine, I read only one book from the library because I was frightened of the librarian. I still think I could have read so much had that not been the case.

6. I love dancing. I have no inhibitions at all. I find it strange why people prefer to talk in parties when there are plenty of other things to do. Like eating and dancing. Sometimes, even together.

7. On my first day in my first full-time job, I had an uncensored Jerry Maguire moment. I had, unfortunately, sat at a desk as I waited for the boss to give me instructions. This desk belonged to a man who was about to be fired. He asked me to move as he came in. I went and sat at the opposite desk, this time making sure it didn’t belong to anyone. A few minutes later, this man comes out, screaming and raging, calling the boss a lot of names. He also did a Jerry Maguire “Who’s coming with me?” but sadly, there was no Dorothy Boyd, or goldfish to go along with him. He also threw a bottle of water which landed quite close to me ( I don’t believe it was directed at me, because I really hope he didn’t think a newbie like me was his replacement ). It was April the 1st , so I was wondering if this was a joke. But, no he was truly fired and not for developing a conscience but, well, not doing his job well. All the time, I had an inappropriate urge to laugh at the cinematic coincidence.

So, there you go. I hope that was worth the read, though I don’t think any of them were remotely inspiring. Kids, don’t try any of this at home, especially the fish fingers and custard.

My nominees are:
My Blog is My Boyfriend
Wee Blue Birdie
Victoria Iskak
Bor Bor Igmus ( As seven comic strips maybe? )

Have a nice day!


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