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In Confidence

I don’t know what confidence is

How do you act it?

As I understand
Confidence is certainty

How do you behave them?

All confident people tend to look the same.

With their twinkling eyes
Brisk gait
Powerful hands
Full-throated laughter

And all I wish to say to one such is,
“You maybe a lover but you ain’t no dancer.”

I have enthusiasm and fear.

With enthusiasm, I am truly passionate
Wholly loving
Sprightly hopeful

Able to go to any length and depth
Reasonable or unreasonable
For who and what I love.

That is all the confidence I can muster
When I muster it.

Otherwise, dear Reader
My self-indulgence you further indulge
By your role,
I tell you in confidence as a friend

I am an actor but, I cannot pretend.


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