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Of A Year of Of Opinions


It is a year today since I re-started Of Opinions. It is a bit of a bother to mention it, because it presumes that when I began, it was any good. If you have the inclination to find out, I suggest you read Of Course, my actual début and Off Course, my renaissance post and one of my recent posts to see how I’ve evolved. I’ve been making edits in the last few days, especially because I wanted to make an annual assessment. It is only befitting. I used to make regular assessments when I reached 100 followers, 200, 1000, but, I’ve given that up. What matters more is finding and maintaining a regular readership, as it is qualitative and more valuable to me in terms of understanding what’s going on with this blog.

The biggest achievement of the past year (other than actually blogging regularly), was to be featured on Freshly Pressed in early November. The post was titled Of Of’s and it was about using a preposition to bind this whole thing together and keep it going. It isn’t one of my personal favourite posts. My favourites are usually the ones I work the hardest on and get the least readership in. They are the ones on art, Psychology, culture. The most popular posts are on blogging and writing. But, they are more spontaneous things, as I’m regularly thinking about them (instead of doing them!). It truly amazes me that people like my posts on writing the most, when most of the writing I do is on that post. But, I ain’t complaining. It’s so hard to get any attention on the blogosphere. If people like my ramblings on how incomprehensible I find these things, I can only be bewildered and greatly pleased.

I would’ve liked to do many things differently. I didn’t participate in any writing and blogging challenges except NaBloPoMo. Most of all, I hardly interacted, except for people who left comments on my blog. I don’t like reading posts with an agenda. Not because I’m too principled but, because I don’t like to read under pressure. I really want to change that and make time for reading, not only to learn more about blogging but, also about life. I want to be more involved in the community.

Another thing I didn’t do is promote my blog. I have a twitter account and a bloglovin account where I publicize my posts but, I haven’t had much readership coming in from there. I’m unlikely to ever express a thought in 140 characters so, social media promotion isn’t easy for me. I might give Google+, Pinterest and even Facebook a shot. I must admit I am not excited by any of these options but, I do want to adopt a more professional attitude to what I do here, while being vehemently true to its intentions.

There are a few novelties I want to undertake. I want to start making weekly podcasts on ideas that are too detailed for a written post. It would be more reader/audience friendly to post them as audio blogs, though I am completely ignorant of how effective I would be as an audio person. Writing, I know. Babbling on a microphone for ten minutes, I have no idea. Making videos is also, by far, the most ambitious and frightening thing I want to attempt. Again, the challenge is to create something that works in that medium but is still true to what I do here. What I do here has become looser over the past few months, what with me being anarchic and posting poems without an ‘Of’ in the title. This was a phenomenon I would never have predicted. What is even more surprising, my poems get me more readers than my essays. I want to make it a weekly feature as well. And in case I become a legitimate poet in the future, be sure to know, I’ll blame WordPress completely.

The last thing I wanted to do was the first thing I wanted to do. I wanted to write a book called Of Opinions, that would feature 10-15 essays about contemporary things written in a friendly, observational, easy-to-read style. It must be 2 years ago when I had this idea and believed it would be a hit. I started a blog instead when I thought it wouldn’t be a hit. I abandoned the blog when that wasn’t a hit. I came back to the blog when I couldn’t care less about it being a hit. A year on, my blog maybe a one-hit wonder on Freshly Pressed but, I still want to write that book that may or may not be a hit. There are some essays I’ve written I’d like to expand on. Some, I have too much to say in and won’t fit into that 800-word limit I have for myself. And who knows, I might do an Alexander Pope and write an essay, on man or anything else, in verse. These are my dreams for my blog in the year ahead. And thank you for helping me realise my dreams for it the past year. Thank you very much.


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