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Of A Real Time Ramble


It is 7:05 pm now. I’ve set the timer on my phone for 30 minutes. Okay, that is a lie. I wrote that in order to impress you with my efficiency and commitment. But, I could hardly write under the clock. Even if it’s on my phone which has the lousiest alarm ever. It is neither decently loud, nor a whimper I can ignore. It is like one of those emotionally manipulative teachers you had in school that would make you feel more sorry than a teacher who would simply scold you and get to the point. It is strange how every adult experience can be explained by a school days’ anecdote. They might not even be related directly but, if there’s anything pop psychology (i.e., Freud) has taught us, it is that we should blame everything on something we can’t do anything about. That allows us either to move on because things are not under our control, or give up, because things are not under our control.

But, I feel bad for having lied to you, even if it was a little white lie. Writing is about the truth,right? What do I know. All I know is, I have too many unfinished posts lying around because I have lost my blogging mojo. I wouldn’t call it my writing mojo, because that would be far more depressing. Writing is much more; blogging is only what makes the cut and reaches you. This will not, by far, be my best work, but I am desperate. I have had very depressing stats on my blog for the past two months and I’d like to change that in June. I would have told you more about it had I not been on the clock (the much more sedate but omnipresent clock at the top of my computer screen) but I’d be wasting time if I went back and forth to refer to my stats page as I wrote a post on it.(Note: Of Depressing Stats might make a good topic for a future post)

But, I haven’t told you the rules of this post challenge yet and it’s already been 10 minutes. I believe The Daily Post sometimes holds this sort of thing but, I decided to type whatever for half an hour and make it into a blog post in real time. I don’t have a topic and any editing I do has to be within that time. I don’t know why I am doing it. Most likely, it will turn out to be a completely pointless piece of writing. And, it’s not like I’ve been lacking in inspiration either. Just today, I must have started 2-3 blog posts that I wrote at various times of the day. Last week, I had a brilliant idea in the shower and kept repeating it to myself unless I forget by the time I get out. People complain about lacking inspiration but, for me, following through is the problem. Nothing ever looks or sounds as good as it does in my head.

I don’t know if I should tell you this. How-to-write-novels people often tell you about telling somebody you’re writing a novel. That way, you would get down to working on it, just to avoid the humiliation. This will hardly work for me. If I am that committed to something, I wouldn’t need anyone to keep tab on me. However, I think it’s time I started working on Of Opinions – the book. I told you about it on my post on writing Of Opinions for a year, and today being a new month and all, I thought it’s about time I gave it a serious try. Unlike novelists, I have nearly 200 blog posts worth of material to work with. Unlike novelists, I am under no presumption that Of Opinions – the book, would even sell one copy. However, most unlike novelists, my potential readers will know exactly what to expect when it is published.

I took a break to answer the door in between that last paragraph, so I am giving myself a couple of minutes extra, to make it 6 minutes till I stop. I am amazed at how this post has been more digressional than usual for me. It is truer to what blog posts are. I prefer the traditional school essay writing structure. We all know that visual/pictorial blog posts are the biggest draw, only superseded by something that goes even further – vlogging, i.e. video blogging. Then there is poetry, opinion pieces on contemporary issues that do well. But, what they all have in common as opposed to traditional forms of storytelling – a lack of structure. They are looser, closer to the natural way in which human beings communicate and take in information. We do like structure as it makes processing information easier but, this sort of non-structural structure makes us feel more at home.It’s inviting, friendly.

Okay, so I’m down to my last minute. Thank you for reading this through. This was fun!


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6 thoughts on “Of A Real Time Ramble

  1. Hmm, there seems to be quite a bit of blogging angst around just now. My Banter Buddy over at Tenderness on the Block is having several existential crises. We have a Thing going on just now to kick her malaise into touch. I had a bit of a gap recently, but did dive back in. My readership is very small, so I’m pleased if I get to double figures. I was mildly miffed that a post I actually spent a bit of time crafting was barely noticed. But I’m ignoring that and moving on. It’s not about the stats for me. I want comments more than likes, because I relish that connection. I try to leave a comment in most blogs I read; it makes a like more meaningful.

    1. Oh, I relish comments too! In fact, I wrote an entire post in April on thinking about death and received NO comments. I am grateful to receive any feedback. I am fortunate enough to mostly get very kind comments. Though, sometimes there are the odd spammy ones that have little or nothing to do with my post. Sometimes I get commentators who tell me outright that they didn’t actually read my post but, they have something to say about the subject. Unless it is completely out of topic, I approve of it and even reply to them.
      What hurts the most is getting no comments on posts I worked very hard on and care a lot about. Like the ones on art and Psychology. With these, I don’t feel the post is complete without reader feedback. If I can, I ask at the Community Pool though response is sparse unless one is able to leave a link there in the first few comments.

  2. Following through really is my downfall as well. I like the idea of 30 minutes of stream of consciousness writing too, I might have a crack!

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