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Of Throwback Thursdays: July 2014


Back in November, while attempting National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo, I had posted a throwback thursday on my posts from June 2014, the month when Of Opinions started to take some shape. I wasn’t stats-conscious back then so, I had no idea I only had 13 visitors to my blog that month. It would surely have put me off posting had I been aware. Things started to pick up in July. It was in this month that I finally developed some sort of a blogging voice. However, my readership was still very small. Thus, I believe, there are a few good posts sitting in that July 2014 archive worth a visit from my newer readers. I could re-post them but, they are bound in a time-situation-emotion context which wouldn’t suit who I am now, a year later. I will try my best to tell you why some of them are worth a read, and it would be lovely if you read even one of them!

Of Dud Posts – This was the opposite of what this post seeks to do. I had many posts which hadn’t been great shots at blogging, i.e. duds and this post listed them all and why they failed. I even gave myself blogging Razzies.

Of Procrastination – My most popular post until Of Of’s. Being quite an expert in practice and research on the art of procrastination, I champion the good that can come of it.

Of Disappearing Blogs – WordPress had recently changed its posting facilities. On the previous day, I had written an entire post on dreams directly into the processor here and when I published it, it vanished into thin air. It took me a day to recover but then, I decided to reflect on how safe our written work really is on the web.

Of Images and Words – Before this, I had resolved not to add any images to my blog. However, I was starting to realise how an interesting visual brings readers in. I still feel uncomfortable about this, and the fears I had prophesied in this post have come true for me.

Of Consistency – Mainly to do with building a blog but, applies to anything that needs to be done often enough to do well.

Of Writing and Depression – Back then, I didn’t receive many comments. But, this was a post that encouraged discussion. I am very proud of this post.

Of Laughter and Truth – All good comedy, like all good storytelling in general, comes from the truth. Therefore, I find it baffling why people expect comedy to somehow be divorced of reality. In this post, I discuss why an element of truth is so important in eliciting laughter.

Of Addiction – Addictions are boring. Really, when you look at any of them, they just get so repetitive and predictable. This was a semi-humorous take on a serious issue. Do not read if it is a sensitive subject for you.

There. All in all, it wasn’t a bad month to be writing this blog. I remember it being my happiest with it. I’d love to feel the same way again but, you can’t feel new love for something that has become a habit. Well, my dear Of Opinions, we’ll always have July…


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3 thoughts on “Of Throwback Thursdays: July 2014

  1. I just visited your post ‘Of Writing and Depression’. Thanks for directing me there (I wasn’t following your blog at that time). I really appreciated your paragraph on how to write when in a period of depression. Presently, I keep trying to bring myself to write deep thoughts about the depths I’m in – but can’t get myself in a place to do and, as you say, it’s not likely to help me (or my readers?) anyway. I like the suggestion to just write a story about something. I shall go for a walk now and try to come up with a story 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Shazza! I have also been worse than usual lately, and trying to write it out isn’t helping much. It should work that way because writing in the thick of it must make it more palpable and true, but you don’t necessarily write in order to be truthful. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we do write to cope, to make it better for us through the act of writing. Which is asking too much of writing. A little deflection is better I think. Not too much, but just enough to engage the intellect more instead of the emotions. Thank you again for reading.

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