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Throwback Thursdays: October 2014


October was a mixed bag when it came to blogging. I almost quit, having fair reason to do so. I was getting even less traffic than what my niche, little blog gets anyway. It was more upsetting because there were 3 posts that had not shown up on the WordPress Reader, a mystery that remains unsolved. However, a couple of posts, very unexpectedly, changed the entire course of this blog.

Of Pet Peeves – The month began angrily enough, but this remains my most popular “search engine” post. One such pet peeve was: “6. Manners with too much meaning. This is where I actually agree with Edwardian England. While it is bad to be cold, it is much, much worse to be extra warm. I don’t want to be suffocated by your sweaty hug when we’ve just met for the first time. I don’t want to feel your salivary kiss on one, or God forbid, both my cheeks. And I certainly don’t want you to squeeze my dominant right hand, so that it can’t function for the next 6 hours. A smile will do very well, thank you.”

Of Spontaneity – The first of the doomed posts. It confuses me when people describe themselves as “spontaneous” on their social media, especially dating profiles. In this post, I tear apart what people think of as spontaneous, sexually alluring behaviour. “Even if you are a sky-diver, my male drinking-in-a-nightclub-is-so-cool friend, you still aren’t spontaneous. You deliberately went to that nightclub, and drinks are served in such an establishment. You deliberately went to the sky-diving institute, got lessons, and after much training and cautious measures, finally took the plunge. Which is very, very brave of you, and thus, admirable. But, it ain’t spontaneous.”

Of Of’s – The post that changed everything for this blog after getting featured on Freshly Pressed nearly a month after I published it. I still wonder what the editors at WordPress saw in a post discussing a preposition that binds the entire monstrosity that is this blog together. But hey, it brought most of you here. “Lately, I’ve been telling people about my blog. I didn’t want to, when I was in the thick of blogging newbie ecstasy. When I felt what I was doing was important. That it was changing me for the better and that it was touching lives. Five people liked a post? Hurray! There is hope for humanity after all, courtesy moi. But there is one other cliche about humanity other than a messianic complex – exponential desire. Desire to get bigger, better, popular, more important. All Hollywood baby, that’s where Of Opinions is going…”

Of Reading Shakespeare – Hands up if you believe school spoiled Shakespeare for you. Here, I discuss what spoils Shakespeare, and what can be done to be unafraid when it comes to reading him as adults. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single introduction to Shakespeare at a young age is important in making a future decent and socially aware human being. What is universally unacknowledged and un-understood is why.”

Of Writing and The Four Letter Word – This post changed everything personally for me, as a writer. I had decided to quit blogging, due to lack of readership. And then I decided, I love writing, and should not stop. This is my love letter to writing. “I am talking about writing as an act of love, done with the hope of eliciting a return of love. From whom? In what way? Well, just like real love for a person, you really don’t know. If you can feel the love returned to you, and are anxious/loving enough to keep giving, you should be alright. If you think that your love is going to waste and something else, maybe carpentry, is a better option, then there you go.”

Of Twittering – An observation on twitter, written without ever mentioning the name: “the world seems to hang by a little blue bird somehow. That tiny, little thing,… doesn’t know that all the BIG,BIG people in the world reach out for her, to tell their BIG, BIG stories. If that bird knew what she has made possible in this BIG, BIG world, she’d probably be looking for a lot of money (a lot, an unfathomable lot) for her emblematic status. And a record deal, so that everyone surely hears her now.”

It would be very kind of you if you read even one of these posts and left a comment. As I said, this was largely an unread month, one that almost convinced me to give up blogging. But, a little conspiracy between my love for writing and the universe, ensured I made a comeback in November. But, these throwbacks are for posts that weren’t read that much, which was especially applicable to this month. It would be lovely if you could help change that.


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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: October 2014

  1. I’m glad you didn’t give up on blogging 🙂 I’m a new blogger (couple months in and I get excited when just one person “likes” something that I wrote lol) and I am happy that I discovered your blog!

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