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Real Time Ramble: I Don’t Like Mondays

Monday Letter Box

Like most consistent bloggers, I feel I should post something on Monday. It’s the day when most people turn up to do this blogging thing, though why pick the busiest day of the week is a question I still haven’t found the answer to. Maybe because it’s ‘business’ and though I’m yet to make a paisa or a penny from it, I should treat it so.

I am not as prejudiced against Monday as some people are. I just don’t relish the fact that it comes after Sunday. I know how to do a Monday, or rather have it charted up for me by the higher-ups. It’s the anarchy, the possibility of Sundays that makes Monday the worst. You want to have as much fun as possible, or you want to do nothing at all. Either way, you’re never prepared for what the next day has to offer. I only get the hang of it on Thursday.

This is my third year blogging, and it hasn’t been very consistent so far, for various reasons. The book I had written a year ago which was based on my blog seems, more or less, dead. I’m thinking of NaNoWriMo-ing this year, even have an idea of what I want to do, though 50,000 words in a month seems possible only if I scribble in my sleep. Consistent social media-ing that is related to writing can get exhausting. You write a lot about writing, until you get scared sh*tless when it actually comes to just writing (that is not about writing). You might say what this paragraph has to do about the topic of blogging and Mondays, but sometimes I think I blog a lot about blogging, until I get scared sh*tless when it actually comes to just blogging (that is not about blogging).

My 2.5 year old blog is nearly 49.99% wondering what to blog about. Imagine being a dancer for said amount of time, and then spending nearly 49.99% wondering what your next dance step should be (actually, that doesn’t seem far from the truth). The thing with writing is, you pretty much think it’s real only if you are writing. No how-to-write list tells you to think half of the time, or give yourself a break because it is the busiest day of the week. Monday. Write. Publish Blog. Be Consistent.

But, I’m just rambling. And that’s okay. Especially for a day when I haven’t been able to have a single, independent thought. To slightly modify that reluctant Nobel Prize for literature winner,

Sooner or later/ One of us must know/ That Monday wasn’t such a great day for blogging after all…

Do you like Mondays? On which day of the week do you like to post?

N.B.: Real Time Rambles are half-hour free-writes that I sometimes do.


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11 thoughts on “Real Time Ramble: I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. If you’ll pardon the indulgence….tell me why I don’t like Monday’s! that out of the way! I don’t like Mondays either because as you said, they represent a back to reality mentality for most of us. Now, today I have a day off from work so its not so bad, but typically, my Sundays are filled with dread for the coming Monday, and its not very pleasant feeling. I like to post in the middle of the week typically, and have been known to hold off to make it happen. Might be the statistical analysis thing of WordPress that caused that, but also because I feel people are looking for more distractions come the middle of the week. By the way, congratulations on the nearly three years of blogging. Ironically, I’m just a few weeks shy of that myself, and just wrote my blogoversary post. I always try to do something special to mark the occasion and this year was no different, if you don’t mind the indulgence here on your page-

    1. I sometimes get Mondays off too, and it’s great to watch other people go about their lives busily, while I catch up with my chores. But, I’ve been busy non-stop since Friday, and I don’t know when I will be free! Even then, I have to go festive shopping for other people. This time of the year, it’s just one thing after another, when festivities are supposed to be, you know, fun.

      I used to have a schedule in my first year of blogging – Mon, Wed, Fri. I managed at least two of those days, but that seems impossible now. I guess the novelty of the medium drove me, whereas now I don’t really know how to make it exciting for myself, unless I actually have something exciting to say. There are several bloggers, such as yourself, who take the time to make their posts good and only post when they have something worthwhile. But, if I didn’t fish in empty air, my fishing rod would probably lie rotting in a corner! Like some of my other pursuits.

      There, rambling again. Anyway, hope you have a great week! And congratulations on year 3!

      1. I understand your point, but I continue to be impressed by your thoughts, even when you claim to be rambling. Your writing remains wonderful. I’d suggest you just don’t fight it. When the schedule calms down which I’m sure it will, the ideas will flow. And hope you have a great week too, and thank you. Sorry to have promoted myself on your post, but just wanted you to see it!

      2. Uh, as you can see, I frequently plug my posts, so you’re more than welcome to plug yours! I did write a short story on Saturday, so maybe I’ll share that here when I type it. But, I really have been blank ‘Of Opinions’ wise lately.

  2. I actually try to post on a regular schedule(ish) of per day or per week. So far I’ve stuck to it so Monday itself isn’t that bad of a day. It’s like the kick start to practice: you may want to take the day off but once you get going you are glad you pushed along. I’ve actually been a little more productive than usual today so I’ve got some weekend material already cued up. At least today, Monday isn’t half bad.

    1. I was better with Mondays before, back when I started and had a schedule of Mon-Wed-Fri, of which I posted at least on two days. Nowadays, Mondays come along and I find I have had nothing to say when a week’s just gone by. I’m sure I would feel less pressure if it was some other day!

      Thanks for reading! Happy Monday to you!

    1. Readership numbers come and go for me. I think getting the writing done and out there is more important. Nowhere else can one get instantaneous feedback, on their own terms. I actually end up posting more on Tuesdays. I’d love to see the readership numbers go up too, but that is a lot of hard work!

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