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Of Having Wanderlust

This is a short poem about wanting to travel.

Just clarifying, in case there is confusion about the title. And because the title, “Of Wanting To Travel” seems ridiculous, especially for a sombre poem such as this.

I wrote this a year ago, published it here, and have now made a recording of it. It is weird to be trying to talk about your own work (ignore this, future publicist of my book.), and therefore, I will leave it up to you to decide what you make of it. In fact, I would LOVE it if you share your thoughts in the comments section below!


I’ve become this house.
These walls, these kitchen fumes.

I’ve become this city.
Its dust, its smoke.

What is this wanderlust?
Is it just Facebook pictures,
Or new air?

Is it the sky I need to see differently?
Is it people, to give me
One more chance?

Every stranger is an opportunity to redeem yourself.



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8 thoughts on “Of Having Wanderlust

  1. So many things here. I love poem, and even more so because I got to hear it! Your accent is as lovely as I remember.

    The last line is excellent. Two things I love, strangers and redemption.

    I think we all feel like we need to be somewhere else sometimes.

    1. Agreed with sourgirl, nice to have the written words & audio!

      I’m conflicted when it comes to ‘documenting’ vs. ‘experiencing’ life, or in this case, travel.

      I went to the Louvre in 2005, around the peak of the Da Vinci code book, and it was madness around the Mona Lisa, people frantically snapping pictures, proving they were there.

      And that was pre-Facebook, so I can only imagine what a walkthrough would look like now.

      But then, it’s nice to have a photo or two as a memory of the experience?

      I suppose I’m all for travel, but I’ll take the ‘new air’ over the photo evidence.

      Thanks for writing Amrita!

      1. Now it’s all unintentional photobombing or feeling paparazzi-ed like Angelina Jolie did in 2005! I used to like taking pictures, but now I almost never do it out of principle. My favourite comedian Dylan Moran said that by documenting the moment you aren’t actually in the moment. Imagine people regretting hours of conversation they could have had instead of taking selfies together!

        In this poem though, I was referring more to the all-purpose advertisement aspect of Facebook. I don’t actually have to talk to a person, I can just look at a thousand pictures on their profile to know what’s going on with them. Especially by feeling or evoking travel-envy with holiday pictures.

        I am going for a short trip tomorrow actually. Debating whether I should take pictures or not!

    2. I want to be somewhere else all the time, Sourgirl! Daydreaming helps in doing that. Thank you very much for the kind words. I had to go back and pay extra attention to my accent, wondering how it sounds to an American!

      I’d love to record one of yours, if I may. I felt like asking you the other day, but I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it. I have one of yours about music written down in my quotations journal!

      1. It’s called ‘Scratched.’ I have the last stanza written down (which I hope is a kind of compliment in this age of ‘likes’!). I love all your poems, obviously, if you can’t tell. And I’ll be highly honoured if you allow me to read one, though I completely understand if it’s not ok with you.

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