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Of Going To The Movies Alone

Another poem written by me, read by me, this week. I have never been able to watch a movie at a theatre alone. It is an important skill to have, especially if you want to whet your movie-watching appetite and company is not always available. This poem was inspired from when I wanted to watch the film The Lobster (and couldn’t find someone to watch it with), which is about being alone and trying to find companionship.

Lonesome At The Movies

I ask for an aisle seat.
Take the notes, I insist
Let me do this.

Not further, neither too close
Away from any other
My movie and I must be alone.

Why is it a necessity
To have someone beside you
As the drama unfolds?

An empty seat is like any other
Not a triumph of solitude
But, expectant of nature.

Why have someone,
To laugh, discuss, disturb.
To grumble at overpriced popcorn
Or stale nachos.

I am here to be alone with art.

To replace for two hours
My loneliness with others’
Who are of no consequence to me.

My life is always by the aisle.
My dreams, forever on the screen.


Do you ever go to watch movies alone? Comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Of Going To The Movies Alone

  1. Well written & delivered Amrita, really like that penultimate line especially.
    I went to go see a Brian Wilson concert alone once & I learned it was not a necessity to have someone beside me!

    1. Wow, going to a concert alone would be even more painful! I’d make friends if there weren’t any around. Sure, you wouldn’t want them distracting you through the performance, but you’d want someone to share ‘in’ the experience, wouldn’t you? At least, that’s what people did before blogging was invented! And, God only knows, wouldn’t it be nice?😉

      1. I’d imagine going with a friend may have enhanced – but I went in Glasgow in 2005, Wendy & I were working there that summer, and she wasn’t quite as obsessed with Pet Sounds as I was at the time!
        And nice closing sentence 😀

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