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Of Faith

‘Cause I gotta have faith. – George Michael

Hello, I hope everybody is enjoying the holidays. Boy, do we need to.

Like everybody else, 2016 has been a crock of s*** for me. I won’t reiterate the reasons why because a) I don’t want to bring you down in case you’re in a good mood and b) because I don’t want to be in competition with all the sh*tty things that happened to you, as comparative suffering is very in, at the moment. Let us be collectively joyful instead.

And you’ve brought me a lot of joy. You truly have, and not just in this year. And the insatiable people-pleaser wants to please you too. Whenever I have my blogging thoughts, I always think of how I can do it better. What will make you feel better. What can I do, in my little, fleeting existence, to make everyone feel better.

And so, in my yearly round-up post, I’ve decided not to nit-pick over the year that’s gone by on Of Opinions. I don’t want to bore you over the number of times I quit blogging. I don’t want to bother you over my depressing stats. I don’t want to admit to you how I really didn’t do my part in the blogging community, hardly keeping up with my blogging friends or making new ones. I don’t presume to think you would care about the fact that I most enjoyed blogging this year when I wrote my Bridget Jones fan fiction. All of that is inconsequential. It doesn’t matter, and we won’t think about it. We will look ahead. And we will arm ourselves, not with debit cards and banking apps in case you’re Indian, but with lots of love.

All you need is love. Love is all you need. And you and I gotta have faith in it. Before I mix my pop icons further, I just want to say, I haven’t been much faithful this year. I haven’t cheated, I’ve just been faithless. Cynical, despairing. I can’t feel the love, even if love is all around me.

But, that needs to change. That’s why I have you, among others. You’re my community. You have to help me help you. Or maybe, help me help me.

See, as we end this year together, I don’t want to bulls*** you with my opinions. I don’t have wisdom today, only feeling. And I feel, that we gotta have faith. Faith, that we will hang in there no matter what happens. Faith, that we will grow back some spine and integrity in case we let it crumble because we were selfish and afraid. Faith, that we will get our spirits back and not leave the dancing only to musical films. Faith, that we will think of others without ignoring ourselves. Faith, that we will hope, anticipate, be faithful just because it is better than giving up.

Thank you very much for being one of the few good things of 2016. You don’t know how much your faith in this blog and blogger means to the blog and blogger.

Lots and lots of love😊😜😙✌💝.

How are you feeling today?


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12 thoughts on “Of Faith

  1. I’m preparing my own end of year, 2016 sucked post myself. There were a lot of good things that happened this year-going to Ireland, a nice relaxing vacation, we got a much better car allowing us to dart around more freely now rather than praying the old clunker lives one more day, I have had the best and most successful year of blogging yet (modest though it may be compared to others)…but its just been kind of a blah year all around, not to mention all the losses in our personal life and to all the performers and celebrities. Political turmoil and uncertainty are other reasons. Though midnight on January 1st is symbolic-just one more minute of one more day, of one more year, its symbolism I welcome. No, 2017 is not going to be some magic whirlwind of a year. Bad sh** will still undoubtedly occur, but here’s hoping its not so much at once!

    1. At least, someone is counting all the good stuff! I don’t expect things to magically get better either, but we can all try to have a better attitude about it. I recently got an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and have been watching Bollywood films of my childhood. It’s been making me so happy. I posted a video here the other day of a song set in New York from one of those films. I don’t know how to link it here as I’m writing this on my phone, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

      1. Thanks, I will check it out. I haven’t been keeping up with the reader with all the Christmas festivities the last several days so I have a bit of catching up to do! Going back to things like old films and music does wonders I think. At the end of the day with all the vast amount of music I have swirling in my head, it is the simple rock and roll basics that was the first music I ever really got to know that keeps me grounded. The day when Elvis, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, etc doesn’t bring a smile to my face is probably the day I sell my collection!

      2. I think that’s impossible! How can that happen to any music lover? I’d get myself hospitalized if that happens to me! I’ve been able to catch up on those films because I’ve been doing an awful thing – watching films on my phone! It’s helped me feel better amidst all the groaning and moaning and excess of this time of the year. There’s just so much heart in these films. Or just musicals for that matter. I loved La La Land for example, and came out of the theatre dancing (I have no inhibitions😉). It’s the only kind of world I like to be in.

      3. Yes, I think my mental state would not be so great if that ever happened! Plus I just got some new CD’s for Christmas (and more coming thanks to gift cards) so the racks continue to get fuller! Whatever makes you feel better is key, whether its snatching a few moments to watch a movie on your phone or to dance out of a theatre! Go for it!

    1. Ha ha, thank you very much, Geoffrey (I don’t think I’ll be stopping now. Do you happen to enjoy Chaucer, by any chance, or the interestingly named cricketer Geoffrey Boycott?)

      I was grieved by the early loss of George Michael. Michael Jackson passed a few years before, and there could well be a debate on which of the Michaels was more of a sex symbol in the 80s.

      1. That’s the first I’ve heard of Boycott, but nice to know I’m in good company!
        I’ve been pleased to hear about how silently generous George Michael was, I really admire that secret generosity.
        And MJ vs. George Michael? Both show up on the 1001 a few times, all well deserved appearances!

      2. Boycott is a beloved English ex-cricketer/commentator with a memorable Yorkshire accent.

        I read about his generosity too, and I’m always in admiration of such influential people really doing these things sincerely. I highly recommend a TV show he did called ‘Eli Stone’. It’s about this ruthless, cynical lawyer, who starts to hallucinate, especially seeing George Michael in his visions, which in turn makes him do some good. It’s funny, sweet, inspiring and a lot of fun.

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