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Exquisite – A Poem

Villa Savoye, designed by Le Corbusier

That’s the only prerequisite
Your submission must be exquisite.

Le Corbusier’s lines
Across the summit
A blueprint of great design
That none can overcome it.

“White Lines
Blowing thro’ my mind”
Their beauty sublime
Symmetry’s always Prime.

Don’t trample it
With the Zeitgeist
What’s eternally exquisite
Is what’s classically divine.


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4 thoughts on “Exquisite – A Poem

    1. This daily prompt was hard! Tbh, am not altogether satisfied with it (but hey, why else have a blog than to write unsatisfactorily) but it came out to be something. A little mathematical too, which might appease the quiz master, along with some Grandmaster flash!

      1. I was going to say, that symmetry line jumped out too!
        Neat in that, a prime number (such as 19) is only divisible by itself and 1, whereas symmetry I think of as something divided equally in 2.
        So needless to say, such math imagery earned my instant and unwavering approval!

      2. Wow, that’s a “neat” interpretation! Thank you!

        I was more inspired by the popular idea that beauty is a product of symmetry, and Nature itself makes beautiful objects symmetrical. William Blake, being an artist as well as a poet, was highly interested in design, and one of his famous poems – The Tyger – contains the phrase “fearful symmetry”.

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