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Of Opinions – The Book is Available!

Yes! Yes! It is finally, officially here!

Available to you at the click of a button, if you so choose!

Available in most territories worldwide!

It’s Alive! Ah!

Of all the times I’ve told you I’m at a loss of words, this one is the truest.

Here’s the link to the Amazon website where you can go check it out:


Dear friends, I am happy.



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10 thoughts on “Of Opinions – The Book is Available!

      1. My pleasure – it will be fun to read as a collection. Looking at the table of contents, I remember some of the posts but I think some were before I started reading of opinions.
        So I’m looking forward to reading some for the first time & some again in a new context!

      2. There are several that are brand new. A few have been published on the blog in the last year, because the book got stalled for over a year. And a few are the ‘Greatest Hits’, because I can’t expect myself to come up with all new material that’s also good!

        I can’t deny that I’m hugely nervous about how it will read. I just hope it is worthwhile, at least in places.

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