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I like to do these updates when I hit milestones, just to look back, review and assess how things are going for my blog. Usually, it is when it hits a certain number of followers (it, the blog, not myself, for I would run very, very fast if that were the case), is a blogiversary, or while making new year resolutions. Last time, I told you about nearly reaching 2000 followers. Well, I am happy to report that since then, it’s been nearly 2200.

Obviously, not all those people are actively following the blog. Some drop by time to time, some less regularly, some had wandered into it only once. But, I am going to take the number as a good sign, not only because when it comes to numbers on the internet – the bigger, the better. I look at it as something more stable, sizeable. Let’s just say it looks good, though anyone here on WordPress can attest to the fact that it is not a true representation of your readership.

Update number two is that I’ve bought the WordPress Personal plan. I’m yet to explore all its features, but for now I’ve been able to claim my domain, and Of Opinions is officially . This one, feels a little different. It’s like I’m married to the idea of my blog, now that I’ve officially put a name to it. “Hi, my name is Amrita and my husband’s, er, website’s name is…” Which is interesting, considering how much I hated the name ‘Of Opinions’ in the first place (even wrote a blog post called Of Having a Dreadful Name For A Blog). I’m just happy that now I can casually slip it in conversation, sounding serious and nonchalant at the same time for maximum impact, and make this endeavour of nearly three years sound as official as possible. Hey, that almost seems like a marriage…

And we even have a baby! Or a very weird sci-fi story, where the idea of the baby germinated before the, uh,…okay, this is getting kind of gross, but I am happy to announce, if you haven’t heard already this whole week, I have published a book! Which is also called Of Opinions!

Yes, I finally did it. I didn’t see it coming. It was like the less-pleasant side of this marriage, where the baby, uh, book was nagging me all the time, asking to be let out into the world. I’ll discuss it in detail in a future post but, though the idea of self-publishing on Kindle seems easy, the reality is not. I started writing the book in June 2015 (as discussed in Of Writing ‘Of Opinions’ – The Book) but all that writing, chucking, re-writing, further binning, groaning, growling, curling-up-into-foetal-position-in-self-loathing, editing… seems like a piece of cake to actually getting it out there. I’d rather be just a writer, than take on every responsibility, including the most difficult one I currently have – promoting. I kneel before all those of you who choose to be self-published authors. I now understand, to a certain, rookie extent, what you go through.

How am I feeling about the situation? Well, I’ve had several highs this past week. Finally being able to hit ‘Publish’, receiving an email from Kindle telling me it’s up on Amazon, selling the first copy (shout-out to Geoff!), receiving the first sample-based mini-review (shout-out to pagesthatcount!). I’m glad this is happening in baby steps. I have learned a lot in the past few days, things I didn’t know despite being interested in the business of literature for most of my adult life. Books and advice on the subject can only take you so far. You have to get down to doing it yourself to know what it’s all about.

I’ve been really busy with real life things, which is why it’s been hard to focus on this. Today I’ve had some time, so I’ve been able to work on the Goodreads page. I know independent authors reading this would be thinking I should have done all this before, but I’m just amazed I’ve been able to do them at all.

I have a book. I haven’t absorbed the idea yet. Even repetition’s not helping. Perhaps, time passing by will help. Given this is a momentous moment, I’m quite surprised how I’ve been able to push the thought of it aside, concentrating on other things. In fact, I’ve enjoyed doing all the work behind it, even if it’s been frustrating. And there’s still a lot to do.

March’s just begun, it’s spring, and I’ve published a book. Things are going good.

What are your blog/life updates?

Goodreads Page for ‘Of Opinions’ – the book:

Read a free sample of Of Opinions today!



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6 thoughts on “Of Blog Updates

  1. I’ve heard of that with bands that wish they’d changed their name (I think Barenaked Ladies & Goo Goo Dolls were among them), they’d chosen them when they were young and by the time they had a following, it was too late.
    I like Of Opinions – to me, your site is reclaiming the idea of sharing opinions rather than shouting them.
    I’m pleased to have bought copy #1!

    1. I like the name Barenaked Ladies! I think a lot of people in the music industry hate their names at some point. It becomes less of a name, and more of a brand with a following, and that might be more difficult to live with than your real name.

  2. I went to college with a friend who was allowed to choose his name when he was old enough. He went by Chris because he was less than impressed with his legal choice. I guess not every boy is a fan of Christopher Robin when they are in HS and college. I need to look up your book—

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