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Read A Free Sample of Of Opinions – The Book!

Of Opinions – the book is finally out on Amazon! It is available worldwide. Read a free sample today!

Below is a list of the countries it is available in, and the prices it is available at:

  • USA                  – 2.99$
  • India                – 125 INR
  • UK                    – 2.42 Pounds
  • Germany        – 2.99 Euros
  • France                – 2.99 Euros
  • Spain                   – 2.99 Euros
  • Italy                     – 2.99 Euros
  • Netherlands      – 2.99 Euros
  • Japan                – 337 JPY
  • Brazil                – 9.30 BRL
  • Canada             – 3.98 CAD
  • Mexico              – 60.13 MXN
  • Australia          – 3.99 AUD

Do let me know if it is disproportionately overpriced (or underpriced!) in your country. I can only estimate the prices in India and the USA. I want it to be affordable, not because I think it is of lesser value, but because I can relate to how prices might get in the way for those who are passionate about books. Feel free to be honest!



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2 thoughts on “Read A Free Sample of Of Opinions – The Book!

  1. IT WAS AMAZING!😀 I didn’t want the sample to end, And the content justifies the title so well. I’m gonna buy it soon! 👍👍

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