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Vote For The Thirteenth Doctor!

doctor who
The Doctor(s)

The search is on for the next Doctor  on the best TV show in television history, Doctor Who. (Seriously, if you’ve never seen it, make good of your Netflix subscription and watch it this weekend. Or now. You can thank me later.) Fans are already speculating about who’s going to be the next Doctor, with Richard Ayoade and Tilda Swinton as some of the names that keep coming up, but in my humble opinion, I think we have a relatively less-known but absolutely perfect contender!

Essie Davis plays lady detective The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher in the smart, sassy, charming and delightful series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (available on Netflix). Set in the 1920s, Miss Phryne Fisher is witty, highly intelligent, unafraid, has great instincts, is extremely tolerant and humane, can run in heels, is sensitive and undaunted by anything when it comes to solving a case. Essie Davis makes you laugh, cry and delight in Miss Fisher’s antics as she plays the character with aplomb. A hit show in its own right, it nevertheless serves as an excellent audition piece for The Doctor. Few actors will be able to inhabit the role of the Time Lord as seamlessly as her.

Here’s Miss Fisher in action:

I’ve started a petition for Essie Davis to be the next Doctor on If you’ve seen either of the two shows, then you might agree with me on this. It would be great if you followed the link below and signed the petition with your name and email (use an old email address if you’re worried about security). I know this might seem a bit silly to petition for, but Doctor Who fans tend to be quite comfortable with such speculation!

Link to the petition:

Here’s a trailer for Doctor Who:

Here’s a list of top ten reasons why you should watch Doctor Who10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

Many thanks in advance!


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