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Of Naps

Cat Nap (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Top Five Movies I Dozed Off While Watching in The Theatres (Chronological Order):

1. The Hobbit Part 2 (2013)

2. The Hobbit Part 3 (2014)

3. The BFG (2016)

4. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

5. Wonder Woman (2017)

I am afraid there are several more, but it all started with no. 1. While my napping habits are not inversely proportional to the merit of the above movies, the cumulative minutes I spent dozing off could span the length of several movies. I wish, I could have my money back for those minutes.

Despite being a terrible sleeper, I was never a napper. Sure, I love the idea of a siesta as much as the next person, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to doze off at all hours, under all conditions. I could do it before, especially on public transport where I can sleep while standing, but it was more of a resting, and keeping vigil for when my bus stop would be coming up. Being alert while getting some shut-eye, isn’t napping.

But, now it’s just weird. I know I talk in my sleep sometimes, but I’ve been told I snore. Or have my mouth open. I am a relatively dainty sleeper while in bed, which is why the above information horrifies me.

The conditions I nap under weirds me out too. I’ve recently got these massive Motorola headphones after my trusted Sennheiser ones gave out. I had my computer glasses on after a long hard day, to watch a 22-minute TED Talk on my phone. Three things that should keep me alert (and uncomfortable enough, for I neither like glasses nor headphones), but I was off. For the entire duration of the TED Talk. I could hear clapping as I retrieved my consciousness. Almost as if the TED Talk had lulled me to sleep, which given its dire subject matter, is not a normal reaction to have.

That’s my point. It’s not like I am bored, for when you’re bored, your brain wants to engage, not relax. And it’s not proper sleep either, for it can be anything from a minute to an hour. It started with watching The Hobbit Part 2 towards the end of 2013. Now, I’ll pretty much watch anything. Even if it’s a long, tedious, all in all, bad film, I’ll still sit through it. But, all I remember from The Hobbit Part 2 was sinking into my seat, and only being woken up as Thranduil enters the frame, thinking “Wow, who is that? It’s so glam rock. I want to look like that.”


Which is not an overall reflection on the film, for I do love the Middle Earth series (ok, the third Hobbit was a bit of a drag). But, it might be a reflection on a theory I’ve come up with – not all apparent stimuli, is personally stimulating.

Perhaps, my dozing is my brain telling me, “let’s skip all the uninteresting parts.” Even with the most interesting things, like the Wonder Woman film, which was a true marvel. I only dozed off as I waited for David Thewlis to reveal his true intentions, for they’re not going to hire an actor of that calibre just to play a typical English gent.

It’s equally bad when I doze off during conversations. If my napping is really my brain’s way of weeding out all that is personally uninteresting to me, I better not admit it openly. People are more likely to be understanding if they think I’m just tired, than be given the impression that they are tiresome.

Are you a napper? What’s your style/habit?






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8 thoughts on “Of Naps

  1. I admit, I laughed as I read this. I don’t think I’ve slept in a movie before. And I totally absolutely LOVED ‘The BFG’. I’ve only seen ‘Civil War’ once or twice. I’ve seen ‘The Avengers’ almost a dozen. I didn’t like the Hobbit movies at much all.
    I cat nap and drink a lot of caffeine. Which keeps me up at night, so I need to cat nap during the day!

    1. I enjoyed The BFG too! Mark Rylance was terrific. I fell asleep during the climactic mega-fight on Civil War…only to wake up when Spiderman enters the scene! I’ve seen The Avengers a few times too. Such a tight film for such a huge cast.
      As for caffeine, I absolutely need my morning cuppa!

  2. It’s worth waking up for the end of The Hobbit Part 3 – there’s a wonderfully quiet scene with Martin Freeman & Ian McKellan, a good minute or so of no dialogue, completely justified the trilogy for me!
    I may or may not have fallen asleep when I took my daughter to Despicable Me 😀

    1. Oh no, is it Despicable Me 3? I know Threequels can get snooze-worthy, but I love Gru! The idea of a 80s pop villain sounds interesting too.

      I might have to look up that scene, Geoff. I’ll happily watch 9 hours of Gandalf, if needed. Martin Freeman was perfectly cast and thoroughly wasted in those films. I think I properly slept for most of Hobbit 3. Not even Thranduil, who reminds me of Jareth the Goblin king, could keep me interested.😁

      1. And when not even a Labyrinth parallel works…in my case, it was actually the first Despicable Me. Based on my ability to stay awake in the first one, I didn’t attempt to take the girls to either of the sequels!

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