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On Writer’s Block

Today, I have a guest post by the lovely Melisa Marzett!

Writer’s Block (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Every writer at some point relapses feeling so called writer’s block. Writers are extremely sensitive by nature and they tend to think sometimes that they are not worthy or are nothing comparing to others, especially classic writers. Let us not forget that comparing is a bad idea from the beginning as long as we all are different and unique in our own ways. Thus, to compare is rather silly. Secondly, classic writers were living in other times, thinking of other problems, with their own background, family troubles, and life experiences. Therefore, their writing is a reflection of their thoughts and things worrying them.

A writer’s block may be caused by the long and painful process of work, which makes it to where days off and vacations are good and healthy to have. A muse is a whimsical creature and one never knows when a meeting with her might happen. It might occur so that waking up in the morning feeling all broken and upset, you might come up with some brilliant ideas by the end of the day. To write about a writer`s block is also an idea!

Music helps. Try to listen to some light melodies; jazz and classical are good choices. Though, it is a personal choice for everyone. Let it just play in the background, silently. You may also write something absurd to begin with. For example, your antagonist began singing loudly all of a sudden or that your protagonist is stealing a car. The point is that you write something you are not going to include into your book but something which is going to wake you up and give you a shake.

Going back to music, there is a special one for concentration with binaural component. It became possible due to a few discoveries in Physics. They showed that listening to binaural beats, our brains can be induced into a meditative state. Continue doing what you have already started and think positively. A writer’s block is a strange obstacle on a smooth road of creative work.

About the Author: Melisa Marzett wants to be useful through contributing original stories, growing as a writer at the same time. She responds to current events, wants her voice to be heard reaching as big an audience as possible. She loves getting valuable information, which is why she tries to provide the same to valuable publications by those who are as enthusiastic as she is. Working for as a Professional Academic Editor at the moment, she would want to believe that she succeeds in the area of writing. You can find her on:



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