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Of Being Under The Weather


Because of the above, I have been, uh, the below:



Simple enough, who doesn’t catch a cold during the monsoons – a much glorified, overly simplified season in the arts and literature? Nothing to write home about. By a Carpenters logic, at the start of the week I was,

Rainy Day + Monday = Doubly Down

And that should be okay too, except

I Can’t Talk.

Yes, you heard me.

Me, whose long-winded essay writing style you’ve grown to get used to and love. Me, whose long-winded essay writing style you’ve grown to get used to and love, that is only a concise and highly edited version of how much she speaks. Me, whose long-winded essay writing style you’ve grown to get used to and love, that is only a concise and highly edited version of how much she speaks, which she has been unable to do for nearly a week because she’s been under the weather.

Me, who has found it difficult to write longhand or type, because she has to constantly sterilize her writing tools after violently sneezing over them.

Me, who has found it difficult to think on sleepless nights, resting her head on a mountain of pillows to be able to breathe among all the snot.

My job requires me to talk a lot. Loudly. With people. This week, I’ve been reduced to croaks, bleats, whispers and unaccountable moments of recovering some of my plummy broadcaster voice, to be followed by violent fits of coughing. I’m waiting for it to get all sexy and raspy when all this subsides, but what it is now, is something totally new. If you know of any voice over work playing aliens, let me know.

I’ve been taking care of this as much as possible, but you know what they say. With medicines – seven days, without medicines – a week. The thing is, I keep getting wet in the rain, and this cold and fever just keeps coming back. It isn’t anything major, and please, I’m not going back to the doctor again. I haven’t been to the doctor’s for over six months, and that’s a record for me, given my tally last year. I’d rather keep supporting the Vicks establishment instead.

No words of wisdom today except, perhaps, use those old-fashioned bits of cloth known as handkerchiefs which is a “Kleenex you don’t throw away”, to quote Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail, in case you are similarly down. It’s more eco-friendly than tissues, and you can always support another establishment like Surf or Ariel to clean your kerchiefs. And fashion scarves out of them when you are well.

With any luck, next week, I’ll be like this


How do you deal with being under the weather?



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7 thoughts on “Of Being Under The Weather

  1. Yikes! Hope you feel better. I was talking with another blogger/friend from India about the monsoons recently. It is very hard for me to understand what they are really like until I witness them for myself someday. I’m a miserable patient however. Well…I try not to be and I really try to be the brave soldier for as long as possible but when I really come down with something the most I manage to do is to get onto the couch to watch TV or listen to music and moan about how miserable I am! For whatever reason I don’t like staying in bed too long, and if I’m sick I try to at least go outside for a short walk to get some air. Otherwise its a total vegetative state!

    1. That is inspiring! I need to get out more often, but I “veg out” even when I’m perfectly well!
      I’m usually never too affected by the monsoons. It’s new for me this time, though there’s some ice-cream in my fridge that should be blamed too! It’s more the fluctuation from hot and cold that seems to cause these problems, which I’m guessing may not happen in New York so much, though I don’t know much about American weather.☺

      1. Well I can imagine for the entire nation of India that the weather is as diverse as it is in all of the U.S. In New York specifically we have pleasant weather in spring and fall. Winters can be very cold. We don’t necessarily get the snow like other areas as much, but we get lots of very cold weather. The opposite happens in summer. We have what we call triple ‘H’ days typically-Hazy, Hot, and Humid. A lingering thickness in the air that I find really unpleasant (especially down in the subways!). At the moment though we are having a respite, and the weather is beautiful. I wish it could always be like this.

  2. Get Well Soon!
    Did you ever watch ‘Friends’? I recall an episode where Phoebe had a cold and loved her sick, raspy voice and was devastated when she got healthy again.
    So if the alien voice over offers don’t roll in, hopefully you can have a fun singing voice on the way back to health!

    1. Thank you, Geoff! And I was just watching that sequence yesterday! I love Phoebe’s “music”. I think a lot of people will buy her album if they ever released it.

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