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Of Waking Up

Alarm Clock (Courtesy: Pixabay)

The Best Part of Breaking Up is the Making Up. – Frequent Lyric in 60s Girl Groups Songs

The Best Part of Waking Up is ______________.

I’ve been sleeping better than usual the past few weeks. I go to bed after 12 a.m., wake up by 7 a.m., usually without interruptions throughout the night. I may or may not nap during the day, and it may be anything between two minutes to two hours. Now, you’re probably not a sleep doctor (if you are, please leave suggestions for treatment in the comments section below), then why would I presume that you might possibly find all this interesting?

Because, I’ve been swearing the hell out of this ********, ********, ******** existence everytime I wake up.

Not just when I wake up, but while I wake up. In the transition between the increasingly boring and yet reliably disturbing dream-state to that of awaking to still-crap reality, I shout things like “Shite!”

Yes, swearing does sound best when it is British. Look no further than the Shakespeare of Swearing, Malcolm Tucker.

Malcolm Tucker

Yesterday and Today however, there has been a development. I woke up with the image of Eric Idle as Paul McCartney in my head singing, “Get Up and Go”.

And that made me think of a far more pleasant idea, the buzzword in how-to-relax publishing this season, (after we hygge-d in the last) called ikigai. My ideas about these are extremely vague, because I always take the defeatist position of thinking, “it won’t work for me.” Hygge seems to be about slowing down and being cosy but if I read a book on it, I’d be properly militaristic about it.

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of finding your purpose in life and waking up for it.

I know my purpose in life. But, the thought of it makes me want to turn over and bury my head in my pillow than get up.

The only times I got up with enthusiasm was when I used to watch Tom and Jerry and Voltron early in the morning in the Nineties. When I was five.

I have never found any other reason to wake up cheerfully. I probably wasn’t cheerful then either, for I lived in colder climes where mornings can be a total b****.

Monty Python is an improvement then, I think. For a long time, I had David Bowie’s “Oh! You Pretty Things” as my morning alarm, because who else can make you obediently respond to the sung command, “Wake up you sleepyhead…”? But, it took me a while to realise never to use any music I love as my alarm, ringtone etc. Because those are sounds you, or at least I, end up hating after a while. I’m never using “Mint Car” by The Cure to convert me into a morning person.

What is the solution then? How to get up in the morning without throwing punches in the air or on your bedding? How to go from sleep to waking without telling yourself, “I’m going to die, amn’t I? And just when I was getting the hang. Of living, that is.”

I’m starting to think, the solution lies in disappointment. In slower metabolism. In getting over how special you think you are even at your most low, and substituting that with, “Blimey! I’m still here? My magnificent potential did not perish in the unreasonable cruelty of the world? I have been given one more day to still be cringe-worthily arty-ish?”

I don’t know if I am right. I may be too far gone, to get it right.

At least, there are antidotes during the day. They may not facilitate my ikigai, but they sure make me want to live. Quite gladly.

What mood are you usually in when you wake up?

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14 thoughts on “Of Waking Up

  1. Oh I laughed so much reading this .
    It’s so me and I really do relate to this.

    I’m such a “hate, hate, hate getting up in the morning person” that I try not even going to sleep because I know how BAD I’m going to be waking up.
    Of course I end up falling asleep, but very reluctantly.
    It’s a curse , and a cross we’ll have to bear .
    Thanks so much for a good giggle.
    Regards . Marie.

    1. Buenos dias, Marie! I was learning Spanish on the Duolingo app a few weeks ago (and reading your blog for inspiration), but it has all gone out of the window now with my hectic life!

      I do stay up all night sometimes and try to be productive, and actually get to sleep when I can’t help it, but it just messes with my rhythm for the next day too. Relaxing can be such a lot of work!

  2. Hmm…not a doctor, but maybe have something you really look forward to doing when you wake up. When I wake up the first thing I do is call for my cat, Shadow. He always comes. That’s our little solo time before I start the day.
    If I’ve been working on something interesting from the day or night before, then I’m usually excited to get cracking at it again.
    Also, maybe you need either less than or more than 7 hours of sleep. Maybe experiment with 6 hours or 8 hours and see if that’s better? 🤔
    As for the swearing, I see nothing wrong with that 😂 Get it out of your system while you still can.
    All the best!
    – Alexis Chateau

    1. Those are great tips Alexis! Much more practical than the ones that are usually found online. My cat used to wake me up in the nineties lol. Haven’t had one in the 21st century. Shadow is a great name!
      Thank you so much for sharing!😊

    1. Mint Car must be protected from everything unpleasant in the world, at all cost! I read on Wikipedia that Robert Smith considers it a better song than “Friday, I’m in Love”. I agree.😎
      Children can be the most unquestionable motivators to wake up in the morning! Here’s some advice from Jeremy Irons on the subject that you’ll probably (won’t) find useful:

  3. My sleep patterns are all over the place these days. I do know my youngest is horrible at waking up. He does manage to rise for his fire pager. I don’t like mornings, either!! But, at least I get up. Well, I do now. Because I have to, it is a responsibility. I do take lots of naps, though!

    1. Napping is good, Kris! If sleep is beckoning, one must answer it. After all, procrastination is bad!
      I haven’t been able to read all your posts, but I know a little bit about the pressure you’re under. Please do take the time to take care of yourself. It can be so easily ignored.☺

  4. The mood I usually am in when I wake up involves cats. We have two of the beastly things, and waking up usually involves feeding Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they are most insistent. Usually followed by them running like banshees through the apartment while I’m trying to sit there calmly with my coffee threatening to banish them to Antarctica unless they calm the f*** down! (I say this but of course I secretly love the little buggers). Seriously in the past year, even if I have not gotten enough sleep I am usually pretty resigned to being awake. Most mornings I go for a run, or if not I just wake up and watch the sun coming up. In my youth I was a keen supporter of the snooze button on alarm clocks. Now I can’t be bothered in all honesty.

    1. I’m starting to believe, based on multiple comments, that cats are the solution lol! Ideally going for a run or just getting some vitamin D would be the best way to wake up, so you’re definitely doing something right! I definitely feel better if I get some early morning sunshine. But, it’s the entire ‘day’ that terrifies me into not pulling back the curtains!

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