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Of (Fake) 80s Pop Songs

Today I share with you, as it says in the title, a recent fake 80s pop song (and there are quite a few out there, the best being PoP!’s “PoP! Goes My Heart”) from the recent film Mindhorn, about a fake 80s TV detective. The film is rightly bonkers, and the above single a little gem in itself. “Thunder in jail” is an actual quote by Muhammad Ali.


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2 thoughts on “Of (Fake) 80s Pop Songs

    1. The film came out only a few months ago. It’s on Netflix now. Julian Barrett – the guy singing the song in the video, and probably the one who wrote and produced it – is very good at making genre specific numbers, without irony. The film is good enough to be seen once, but I’d highly recommend the comedy show The Mighty Boosh, in which he did all the music.
      I love PoP! Goes My Heart too! That whole album is actually quite good. It’s hard to admit to people that I love playing an album with Hugh Grant singing on it!

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