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Of Talking About Books

Hello everyone!

Today I am excited (and nervous!) to bring you my first booktube video. Booktube is youtubers talking about books. I’m jumping on the booktube bandwagon to be a better reader. I will also try to do different kinds of videos other than bookish ones, and in no way is this going to affect my blogging (unless for the better!). If you have a booktube channel, please leave a comment on my channel and let’s be friends!

What are you reading currently?

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5 thoughts on “Of Talking About Books

  1. Currently reading “In This Moment” Karen Kingsbury and “The Blessing” Wanda E. Brunswetter I love the Amish novels while I’m also educating myself about homesteading, gardening, raising chickens 2 I’m ejoying right now are Thrift Homesteader by Duke Corner and Homesteading For Beginners by William Jones! I’ll have to check out your U-tube!

      1. Oh they are such a good story line. I finished “Tucker’s Way” in a day and a half couldnt stop reading it so I reccomend! I’m on book 2 “An Unexpected Frost” their so good! #GreatReads

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