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Of 2017 in Blogging

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I kept complaining all year long about how I was being a bad blogger, how I was deficient both in quantity as well as in quality, that I finally decided to review my 2017 in blogging, and not focus on blogging goals ahead, as I usually do this time of the year.

Most of the year, I’ve been clueless about what to do next. On average, I post twice a week, usually essays, which means I’ve done a hundred or more in the past three years. I haven’t counted how many I wrote this year, but I got over reading all the ones that I thought were potentially good enough to include here in an hour, so I will say not that many. However, as both creator and editor, I have to admit I did rather well on some of them. I only measure by my own standards (and that’s a humblebrag if there ever was one) and these are the ones that pass muster, among a few others. In general, I haven’t had an exciting year blogging-wise, but it wasn’t a total failure either.

It started strong with this essay on writing and fame, which found more readers than I am accustomed to. I basically tried to justify the lust for fame that we all have, however secretive we are about it. A post that also resonated with both new and long-time readers was one on aging, where I was bold/stupid enough to post a couple of my self-photographs (I refuse to call them self-ie). In fact, I was bold enough to post several photos and videos of myself this year which either means (a) I’m getting more comfortable in my skin or (b) I’ve become one of those people who inundate social media with their self-photos to seek approval. Those people are in the millions, but I still prefer being in the relative minority of people who stick to writing to get attention.

You also had some poetry, though I’ve been pretty dried up in that department for months. I wrote one called Folk Song, inspired by Hank Williams Sr., and I think these lines are pretty strong on that one:


They told me to grow up
Before I grow old
They told me to save up
Before I spent my soul.

I pretty much followed up on the themes in this song for the rest of the year, which is a scary prospect. But, we’ll get into that some other time. There was other creative writing, like a play about burning ashes called Meeting, and a short story based on the song “Strange Attraction” by The Cure, about a teenage girl’s relationship with a rockstar. I’m currently working on a fictionalisation of a Joni Mitchell song, and will have more stories for you next year.

A couple of posts on blogging did pretty well, blogging being the subject that draws most readers in for me, and is the easiest to write. Bad Blogging and Blogging and Money are pretty self-explanatory titles of where my blogging is at these days, though they’ve seemed to help some people.

Two pieces I’m most proud of is one called Of Love and the Imagination, and a recent one called Of Private Music. I put a lot of myself into it, and I don’t know if they read with the same emotion and insight as I put into them, but they’ve been important to me on a personal level. In an interview I conducted with myself, I called my essays “meaningless nothings that you somehow find compelling enough to read” but these, especially the latter, were meaningful somethings to me.

I don’t know what to promise on the blogging front. To be honest, I’m freaking out. I’m a lifelong insomniac, but this month I’ve had the early onset of my annual existential crisis that usually starts around the time of my birthday in May. Why? Because I hate my job, and I’ll be turning thirty next year. I’ll be surprised if I survive as a passably human person till then. Waking up in the morning and dreading things doesn’t exactly inspire the act of thinking. But, I promise to work. You may or may not see a lot of action here blogging-wise, but I will write. A lot.

I published Of Opinions – the book this year. Those who’ve read it seem to like it. I haven’t gone back to it since March – the month I published it – because I can’t bring myself to go through it again. Despite a handful of positive reviews, I don’t know what to think of it. I just want to get on with the next long-form writing project, and believe in it enough to take it to a place where it will have better reach. I’m sure there are readers out there for what I do, but I haven’t had the greatest success in finding them.

Wow, all that talk and not a single self-deprecating joke. Am I losing the touch? I hope not, but I just wanted a break and speak as plainly, albeit dully, as possible. Next year, I’ll do pie-charts.

How’s your blogging year been? Any posts on Of Opinions that you enjoyed the most (among the many I’m sure you’ve enjoyed since you’ve been here, you beautiful reader you)?



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5 thoughts on “Of 2017 in Blogging

  1. My blogging year has been the most successful in terms of pure numbers, but somewhat unsatisfying. More people from my own blogging community seem to be dropping out, or some are still going strong but don’t pay mine any heed at all. And that really kind of sucks to be honest with you. And please, before you think that is a jab is not directed at you at all. You have continued to be supportive. In some ways I felt like this year was about really working on my photography, with a little bit of writing on the side. But when I did my favorite posts of the year, I was surprised to find that I think I really did write some good, satisfying posts. You’ll have to read that one and let me know what you think, but it applies to you as well. I think despite what you and I think, we’re still (expletive) good at what we do. So do a little James Brown inspired yell with me now, say it loud, and say it proud. We’re bloggers. We ain’t stopping. We ain’t gonna let anyone stop us. We write, we love doing it, and thats all that matters dammit!!!

    1. I read something today that might pertain to this and issues with art and identity in general. We’re all struggling and hoping to establish an independent identity – this is who I am, this is what I do – and yet, the only way we recognize that ourselves is through the recognition of others. I think of all reclusive artists that I know of – the only way they could choose to isolate themselves is with the belief that whatever they make will find an audience – niche or commercial. I think Cezanne was one, and my beloved Kate Bush of course. My point is, as much as we want to be witnessed, to engage and to be recognized, it doesn’t always happen and is never under our control. We wouldn’t be blogging in the first place if we wanted that! You’d spend all hours on Instagram or making connections in the most connected city in the world – your hometown – and I’d be, well, trying to write serious things to get signed on by serious publishers. I often have posts that don’t ‘take off’ and though that is discouraging, the whole impulse to write and share here hasn’t died completely. And since it hasn’t, why stop?

      1. Sorry for the late response but I am sure you are right. I know everything these days goes through trends. Who’s to say it may not suddenly take off again, or maybe it stays where it is. Like you, I do just enjoy the writing. I actually just wrote a short post on this myself. Well, its about me too in 2017 and how I’m going to try to be in 2018 so we shall see. Happy New Year to you!

    1. You’re far ahead of me with the life game, Geoff! Judging by what I know of you.
      I’ll definitely need some help with the Canadian setting of the story from actual Canadians. I hope you didn’t read the Cure story. I highly recommend fans to not read it😨.

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