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Of Ending Things

WordPress (Courtesy: Pixabay)

As if things weren’t already a bit s**t, The Daily Post is closing down. For those of you who don’t know what that is, well, it is the best part of WordPress. It is what makes WordPress the best blogging website there ever was and will be, and it is the reason why WordPress has a true feeling of community.

I do not say these things lightly. I am never one for exaggeration when it comes to matters of the heart, and if what I say sounds hyperbolic, then it is every bit as sincere as it is over the top. All of social media is, no surprises here, pretty self-indulgent, but The Daily Post has really pushed bloggers to think creatively and to participate in the endeavours of people from around the world. With daily prompts or “inspiration”, the Community Pool where many of us frequently gathered to share and give each other feedback and often, made friends, to First Friday, a feature that wasn’t there when I started out, but which helped scores of new bloggers in making this work. Then there are various, completely free, writing courses on blogging, poetry etc, with substantial downloadable ebooks that helped me for things outside of WordPress.

Yes, WordPress has taught me more skills, completely free, than I ever thought I would be learning when I signed up to create Of Opinions. I was at a seminar last year that was vaguely related to web developing, where I became the unofficial WordPress expert. Around the time when I released my book on Amazon (again, a complete DIY project in the making of which I was tremendously informed by resources at WordPress), I gained a lot of information and skills that made me confident enough to work further on creating content for websites.

And that is just the technical part, I’ve not even got into the heart of the matter yet, though I’ve discussed it often. I’ve never shied away from complaining when anything about WordPress upset me, right from the time when an early blog post of mine disappeared, to when they stopped letting us adjust the dimensions of photos according to our own numerical inputs (I’m sure there is a more technical way of putting it, but I hope you know what I mean). In around four years of using WordPress, I haven’t had much to complain about. If I had a lot of money (I live on the other side of the world, so it would be expensive), I’d send flowers and gold stars to their office just because they’ve never had a dislike button.

WordPress truly is a place to make things you like, express yourself however you want to, and have the Interverse respond to that expression. And much of that has been facilitated by The Daily Post. I’ve never been a poet, but The Daily Post inspired me to write some bad poetry for quite a while. I’ve had so much generous feedback, lovely conversations with people, made so many blogging friends through The Daily Post. This blog probably would not have been around for so long if it hadn’t been for The Daily Post.

I’ve had a rough year so far. I joke about my whining, but this year truly has been more anxious than previous years. I spoke to you in my last post about finding out that someone has taken my domain name, and I still haven’t done anything about it. Having The Daily Post close down is a further blow , giving me more reason not to blog anymore. I could write anywhere if I wanted to, but nowhere else would I make such an instant connection. All these years, I just kept hoping I could get better, communicate more effectively, write things that are useful and entertaining and thought-provoking. Just make something that brings some comfort to who is reading it, for comfort and sanity is what I look for when I read or watch or listen to something. It might be challenging, disturbing or generally unpleasant, but if it helps improve my life, my self, in some way, it is worth it. And WordPress has been all of those things.

Sometimes I just feel like paring things down, not think about it too much, and shoot two or three blog posts out per week as I used to, read four or five blog posts in a day as I used to, and not care about anything else. But, I can’t have such a nonchalant approach to things. I live in obsessions, not compartmentalizations. There has to be that energy, that excitability as was there when I was doing this in 2014-15. Otherwise it’s just a job and no thank you, I already have one to be bored of.

I don’t think this is the end. I’m sure I’ll come back, sniff around, do a bit of dusting to get rid of the moldy smell, write a blog post or two and vanish again when something new and shiny comes along. I’ve sometimes thought of doing a new project, like a music or a movie blog, but this is the thing, this rambling thing that I do, is the thing I know how to do.

And it has been good for me, good to me. It has really mattered, your friendships and kindness have really mattered. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without it, even if I only gave it four or five hours in a week. Perhaps, it is that old magic, that old prayer that occurs when it is only you at a keyboard with the WordPress word processor at the end of it where you start a conversation and expect the universe to continue it. Which they often do.

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18 thoughts on “Of Ending Things

  1. I had not heard of this news yet this skullduggery has been present with WP for awhile I believe. I think either deep down they are seeing numbers and traffic diminishing or they want to be just another social media site. Either way in getting rid of the Community Pool especially they have now officially made it a insulated and isolated place. There is no community now officially as far as I am concerned. This year has not and will not be a good year for me but I need your words in my life friend. Not want…need. Lets both of us keep pushing

    1. It really is saddening. I’m sure you and I wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for The Daily Post! Most people who engage with my content and vice-versa are people I met through The Daily Post. Back when I was a regular reader, I usually discovered blogs through tags I was interested in, but reading about people’s blogs at the Community Pool drew me to things I normally would not be drawn to. It must be, as you say, dwindling interest. I hate how everything has to be a business, I’m no good at business! And I haven’t written much of anything at all so far this year, and this has me even more worried! But, as George Harrison would say, All Things Must Pass…

      1. All so true. They ‘claim’ progress but I do not sense it for real. It is business plain and simple unfortunately. One would think a fresh group of people would help but guess not sadly. Apt choice of songs 🙁

      2. Do you have orange cream biscuits in the US? I’m sure you do. You know those biscuits which have orange cream sandwiched between two biscuits? They were such a treat when I was a child in the 90s. Until they f***ed up by cutting a heart-shaped hole on one side, adding a dollop of cream and jam and icing sugar. Now, it’s just too sweet (and this is coming from a Bengali). That’s the way I feel when people change things in order to make it “better”. Balance flavours, don’t think people are so addicted to sugar that they wouldn’t care how much you add, as long as you have a LOT of it. That’s how I feel about social media. Too much sugar.

      3. I had a Reese’s peanut butter cup a while back (I think I’ve had them before). Don’t ever let anyone mess that up! If they ever did anything to a Mars bar…
        I’m sorry, I just hate changing things that are good the way they are. Like Pond’s used to have this brilliant “vanishing” cream. They upgraded it with fancy stuff I was allergic to, and I didn’t use their products again. I don’t want WordPress to come to that.
        But, that’s the way all things go, don’t they? Like comic books. They’ve gotten so glossy, and dark, and scary, when they were comforting, exciting things fifteen or twenty years ago. Dylan Moran does a joke about perfumes. Back in the seventies they had sort of nice, harmless, flowery names, and now they can only grab your attention in a violent way with names like (and these are Moranisms) “homicide”, “dysentery”, urban dysentery, for boys and girls”.

      4. If Reese’s changes the bourgeoisie will rise against the king….sorry, I am still in France as we speak! Tomorrow London. In NY things are no longer ‘things’ but ‘experiences’ instead, and I hate that it is that way. There is a place called Governors Island in NY harbor. Over the years it was an army and coast guard base, then lay derelict. Then they opened it up to the public and what was less than 10 years ago a gem of an oasis is now a glorified amusement park and spa. I doubt I’ll ever go back because they fu***ed it up 🙁

      5. The whole millennial-ness of it all seems intimidating (and I’m supposed to be one of them!). I’ve been watching this show I love that is set in NY called Mozart in the Jungle, and the whole being hip thing (which is very gently done here, when compared to the show Girls) is getting a bit boring now. And why are ‘experiences’ so absurdly overpriced?!
        Bonne nuit, mon ami😁

      6. Overpriced experiences…lol, so true! I’ll instead think about Wednesday in which I am meeting a few members of the Mint Juleps which came about from writing about them. Take that WP!! 😄

      7. Yeah, I remember that post. They brilliantly covered the Neil Young song that goes something like, “but only love can break your heart…”

  2. At one point I ended up as ‘spam’ and my comments wouldn’t show up – and the wordpress staff were terrific in helping me fix the problem.
    And well said about no ‘dislike’ button, I hadn’t thought about that but I really like that feature too

    1. The Happiness Engineers (I think that’s what they are called. What a cool job designation to have) are very prompt, I’ve found the few times I’ve contacted them. I’m guessing these cuts are due to cost and dwindling interest, but I hope the essential WordPressness of it all never goes away.

  3. I am hesitant of overreacting to these things going away because maybe they have more of a plan in place that I’m not aware of. That said, I will particularly miss Community Pool. A lot of my followers came from there. I found most of the blogs I follow from it as well.

    1. Absolutely. I just hope some sort of a community blog run by WordPress is still around, both for providing inspiration and feedback. I remember when they integrated Freshly Pressed with Discover, which was a fine idea because they were similar.

  4. it is crazy how they are opting to change the way things are run. If anyone ever asks me about blogging, I always send them here. I’ve had blogs on several forums and this is the most logical and useful place to write. Social media blogs are a pain in the butt because they get shared too much. Blogs where you have to share on social media are also horrible. I’m here because I don’t want to be on social media as a rule!!!!!! I call my blog here my unfiltered facebook when I tell people about it.

    1. I’m sorry but I must have missed seeing this comment, Kris. Anyway, better late than never, right? I feel safe on WordPress. Taken care of. Like they’re not going to f*** with my blog. I’ve tried blogging in other places for a long time, but this is the only place that has seemed logical and supportive and inspiring. It’s also my only active social media, and it’s the place for my unfiltered thoughts as well, though I don’t share boring details like my job, where I live, who the people in my life are. There are bloggers who do all that so much better than me (and I like to nose around their lives as well!), while I try to avoid most of that subject matter in real life as well. Professionally, people prefer using WordPress and the skills I’ve acquired here helps me work on those projects. But, this blog of mine is an extension of my inner world, and I want to protect it and nourish it at all cost!
      Hope you’re well, my friend…

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