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The Point of Blogging

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I usually have a title before I start writing a blog post, but not today. I can feel the adrenaline kicking in, as I dangerously write a blog post on the LibreOffice Writer without saving it. If you asked me to choose between doing that and missing being hit  by a speeding motorcyclist by an inch while walking down the zebra crossing with the red traffic light on (an event that took place this past Wednesday), I’d pick the latter. Well, I’d normally pick the latter. But, today I don’t care.

Who is this? Who has replaced the Paranoid Humanoid Amrita we’ve all grown to love and worry about in equal measure? I do wonder sometimes, what you guys really think of the blog and blogger here. Like, if I only had a well-thought out feedback form and survey that claims to take a minute, but results in you putting in several hours of procrastination before you get it done. Does this product you put your time, energy and Wi-Fi package behind really worth, what is the most valuable commodity in the room at any time, your mind?

I saved the post as “Of The Point of Blogging” because those last two sentences were, if I may say so myself and I will have to because I’m the sole worker of this large enterprise, rather good. I’m surprised how well the two sides of my brain work sometimes. I’m not brilliant in maths or anything (though I do like the occasional bit of statistics), but I can sometimes switch from a particularly low thought and recognise if the phrasing of the thought is artistically appealing, record it, and either go back to feeling bad, or feel better by further developing that thought. Call that creative, or opportunistic.

But, you know my unimprovable tendency to meander and before I have any more paragraphs of that, let’s get to the point. The point of blogging, and why I find myself discussing it with you on a hot Sunday evening. Well, since one of my blog posts about writing diaries got featured on Discover, Of Opinions seems to have found a new lease of life. Like some new green shoots have sprung out of it despite no effort on my part. And I’ve not been around with a watering can either. I’m getting comments regularly, and yet I’m not capitalising on the situation. Especially when the blog had been semi-dormant for all of 2018, with only one or two blog posts a month, and if my occasional love of statistics are anything to go by, no views on several days of the months we’ve had so far. It’s been a month after that, and I haven’t blogged since.

Before, I would blog about any old thing. I’d just sit down and get it done, without caring too much about whether it makes sense, whether it is nice to read, or whether it is as perfect as I can make it. Now, and this has been in the making for a while, I just don’t do it, if I don’t have anything I want to say. Which is an absolutely new feeling for me. I distinguish myself by my tendency to talk too much. If I’m out, people aren’t satisfied by checking whether I have a pulse. They have to hear me use enough words until they’re bored to know that yep, I’m still hanging on to this life thing. Not saying anything if I can help it, is not something I do.

But, I’ve had so many comments about writing diaries – which essentially is talking to yourself – that I find I have to start doing what I preach myself. At some point I have to start talking again because, for better or for worse, that is who I am. Take it or leave it.

Another reason for my finally sitting down to talk to you again after a month is actually something that had already happened before. Like I discussed in my blog post on The Daily Post shutting down, I found myself in yet another web content development workshop this week. I was bored being stuck in this thing, where nothing was new to me apart from having to work with Google Sites instead of WordPress. In fact, I might have come across as rather arrogant to the instructor as I told him how to upload videos onto YouTube. Throughout, there was a part of me that wondered how I’d never had to formally learn any of this before, how I’d acquired all this knowledge simply by self-pitying on a regular basis on the internet.

I realised so much can happen to you by self-pitying on a regular basis on the internet.

I was almost motivated to start working on a social media career as I feel stagnant in my present one. But that’s just the opportunist on the left side of my brain talking. What I can do, is stop neglecting this blog and start developing it instead. I’ve had new readers coming in, there must be something about it still that makes it worthwhile. I could insert a form asking you what that is…but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What is the point of blogging then, I hear all you new and old readers ask? Developing skills you might find useful elsewhere, without even realising it. How many people actually worry about the size of URLs when they’re working at their computers? But, you can show them how to do it. If, unlike me, you work with products, you can even build a side income with it. If you have a passion (I’m not going to dimunitize it by calling it a hobby) and always wanted to know if your songs are good or your art is, well, art, go ahead and blog about it. Don’t worry, the trolls are too busy harassing big, giant bloggers to bother you. You get it out there, even if it is something as uninteresting as cleaning routines (which I find immensely interesting myself) and see what happens.

As for me, I will continue to blog because…well, it’s just something I do, right? I can also pack lots of stuff into very small spaces, but let’s not start bragging.

You just tell me why you blog about what you blog down in the comments below.


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23 thoughts on “The Point of Blogging

  1. For me, blogging is a wonderful creative outlet where I can be expressive without having to be perfect. I enjoy the process of random words pouring out of me, whether anyone else digs it or not doesn’t matter. I’m creating and having a ton of fun doing it. Music is my absolute everything and I’m *extremely* grateful to have a job I adore. That being said, *it is* work and it’s how I make a living….which means that most of the time there is a lot that is expected of me. I get to experience so many amazing things thanks to music, but it at the end of the day…’s my job. And sometimes it’s difficult to balance art and business, especially if you lean more towards the art than the business side of things. But, like photography, writing is an artistic alternative that offers so much freedom to me. I can totally suck and it really doesn’t matter 🙂

    Enjoying your posts btw, you write beautifully!

    1. Thank you! What a lovely comment! Music is my absolute everything too, I sometimes love it more than people lol! Can I listen to your work? If you could share links please?

      1. I taught myself keyboard a few years back, but my ‘skills’ are so advanced, they’re not meant for human ears! Ha ha, I wish I could and the optimist in me says I might only if I practise, but natural aptitude I do not possess. Just great love. Heading over to listening to your music right now!

      2. I shall have to take back my rather flip and glib comment. Your music is the real deal! I’ve listened to “Not Over You” a couple of times, it was just what I needed today! You’re really brilliant, Katie! It’s really late where I live (past midnight, and I have work tomorrow!), but I found two of your albums on Amazon, and I’m absolutely going to be listening to them tomorrow morning! Thank you so much for making this!

      3. You’re so kind! Thank you SO much 🙂 Really appreciate it! Keep doing what you’re doing, really enjoying the posts and very happy I came across you!

  2. I blog to get my thoughts out. It is a space to dump out whatever I want. It’s like a virtual journal, except the words I write aren’t for my eyes only. It can be terrifying to be so honest about my own sadness and pain and equally as frightening to allow myself to be vulnerable by sharing my interests and desires in life.

    1. I think words like “brave” and “strong” would be used to describe what you do, Nat, but I will go one step further and say that what you’re doing is daring to be “human”. Most people don’t have the guts to face life. They try and live it on some design established by what’s passed before them, but they have no clue as to who they are. They don’t have the courage to confront the parts of themselves that make them vulnerable. For the past six months or so, I’ve found myself living increasingly on auto-pilot. I engage as little as possible with the world, and then retreat to mine. I have no clue about how to be myself in the other one. Thus, even if you’re terrified of your honesty at admitting your vulnerabilities, that just makes you so much more admirable to people like me who wish they could do it.

  3. I blog because it was the logical missing link between what I wanted to do with my photography…which was not just exhibiting it at shows or curating the most awesome Instagram account and my love for music. It still makes so much sense to me even when I feel the blogging community is shrinking, and even when my posts are spread out over longer distances. I am about to introduce a new non musical and non photography section on Wednesday, so I hope you tune in for that my friend, I think you will like it!

    1. Oh I will! I know I’ve been part of the ‘shrinkage’ community-wise, but I’ve shrunk in my human interaction in general! You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself in terms of output and response, Robert. I don’t like to be preached at myself, and I hope you don’t take it that way, but as we discussed recently, all that is important is the art itself. The faith in it. Inspiration, production, reception and validation can all come and go, but if the love, the absolute devotion towards what art means to you personally goes as well, that would be the real thing to worry about. And I know you’re not lacking in that, so keep on cultivating it and you will find your own path (if I may indulge in that cliche).
      For all of this year, I’ve been surprised by how much I don’t want to write this blog anymore. I don’t think about it like I used to, it isn’t as much a part of my life anymore. But, things like that workshop spurs me on to keep doing it, in the hope that eventually something marvelous will happen. And hopefully, that goes for every other aspect of life.
      End of sermon!

      1. Exactly. I spend a lot less time thinking about it, but when I do write these days I am more satisfied with the results. So honestly I only despair in the sense that I miss the way it was, but being two days shy of being 50 now I can also say I miss this thing or that thing from my youth. Only to realize that those things are sometimes 30 or 40 years ago. So then comes the realization that things change. And that isn’t always a bad thing. So I will continue on with a little less obsession on schedules and like you-statistics. Lets put it another way. maybe for those of us who stick it out we will be the ones firmly in place for when the blogosphere lights up again, which I am convinced will! Preach away! Testify!

  4. I feel very much the same, so many of us do I’m sure. I don’t know what the point is all too often so I just don’t do it. I was writing for some other sites, which gave me direction and money, but I got burnt out so fast. I don’t know that we’re even meant to do this with this beautiful world circulating around us: trees, birds, people, family. Thanks for your insights.

    1. I think there is a value in doing this. Someone once described blogging to me as “slow internet” by which they didn’t mean Wi-Fi speeds (!), but something akin to the slow food movement. If you want to be connecting with people known and unknown, there is something rather primitive about blogging. One could absorb the lovely things you describe, and then, if they want to, reflect on and perhaps share it on the internet. I keep my life very private, never share details, and only ever reflect on moods, and share the reasons behind that mood in the most minimal way possible. And yet, I do find it rewarding (though I’m yet to make a dime!), because writing about it gives me perspective and opens potential conversations.
      Thanks for reading and sharing!

    1. That is a great, and important reason to blog! I’ve read so many stories, so many people that I just wouldn’t find in any other media. Everywhere else, there’s an external angle to it. Things get projected in a certain way. And while blogs aren’t always slick or obviously readable, there’s still such honesty to be found on them, that they are immediately impactful. I don’t read as much as I used to, but I hope this hasn’t changed.
      Thank you for reading and sharing!

  5. I write because I have to remind myself of who I am. You don’t have to post everyday or everytime an idea comes up. You may have abandoned your Diary but I just solace in mine (Diary). 🙂

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