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Five Years


So, this happened today.

I never dig out this cliche because I generally don’t seem to have a concept of time or memory but…

It only seems like yesterday I signed up for this!

I wanted to blog about a very serious book I wanted to write about some very serious topics. Until, I gave up and cliche number two of the day, decided to go with the flow.

And we are here. Things have been better, but we’re still around. Some of you have even been here for a long, long time. Thanks for all the, what must now collectively be, hours you spent on this little corner of the internet. Thank you very much.

I wouldn’t ask you to leave a comment (because I’ve been crap with replying to those this year) or a like (because we’re all too liberal with our likes. We must only hand them out when we truly mean to). In my heart, I will appreciate your taking the time with this blog past and present, and hopefully the future. Thanks again and happy blogging!

Also, BIG thanks to WordPress for making everything possible.


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6 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Congratulations! This is an amazing accomplishment. Yes we all get pulled in different directions and objectives rise and fall on the priority list, but you are still here. 🎆🎇

    1. Thank you! While I didn’t think I’ll be semi-dormant here before like I’ve been this year, I didn’t think this blog would go on for such a long time. Things always seem so quick and immediate on the internet. Longevity is really not what one usually expects.

  2. I’m kind of amazed, too. I thought you were a young new blogger when I ran into you. OK, you were still young, but not necessarily new to blogging! Congratulations. I do enjoy you, my dear!

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