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What the Actual Hell!

I’m sorry for all those who read and received several blog posts from me on their Reader in the past hour or so. They were all drafts from the past several years that got accidentally published. I’ve NO CLUE why. Bex, if you’re reading this, thank you for commenting (which brought my attention to it in the first place!) and in case you didn’t get my reply, I got surgery 3 years ago and recovered in three weeks. Thank you for your kindness though, it is much appreciated.

I’ve been meaning to write proper blog posts my dear blogging friends. I often mean to. I’m not sure why I don’t anymore. It can’t be that hard to sit at a computer for less than an hour per week and churn out the sort of posts that I do at least once. It isn’t the most time consuming thing in the world to manufacture. And I should do it, just to keep up with whatever features are there on the WordPress app that might be responsible for today’s mishap. All I did was take the weekly pop quiz on my friend Geoff’s blog and here we are – my readers thinking I got surgery. Nope, I’m just your regular sleep-deprived, cursing the traffic sort taking weekend classes on top of her job. Nothing else is new or special, except I’ve been obsessed with the ‘hot priest’ storyline on Fleabag for a month now. Blog post coming soon of themes connected to it.

Again, I apologize for all the weird activity here and your being puzzled or disturbed by it. Continue having a fabulous Sunday with the thought that your favourite blogger at Of Opinions (okay, one of your favourite bloggers. Okay, a blogger you consider reading sometimes) hasn’t gone completely mad. She remains firmly within the slight to almost certain range.

With love,



Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

4 thoughts on “What the Actual Hell!

  1. I’m pleased you stopped by to play the quiz today & I’m sorry it somehow led to a strange sequence of unwanted draft-publishing events.
    I think I have dozens of drafts in varying stages of completion – so I apologize in advance if it turns out this wordpress glitch is contagious and they all get published!

    I thought of you today Amrita – Aphoristical made a countdown of his top 10 Kate tunes:

    Love & Anger would be #1 for me. I’m thinking There Goes a Tenner & Hounds of Love would be my #2 & #3!

    1. I think WordPress has some sort of automated publishing feature now – it asked me to continue writing other posts as it, suspiciously, publishes in the background, whatever that means.

      Very hard for me to choose my no.1 Kate Bush track. Do you find that there are things you admire which you can separate from things you love? Like I admire Cloudbusting, but I love Hounds of Love more but admire it less than Cloudbusting. Making lists are like handing out awards and I find it really hard to judge the things I love (which must be a good thing surely). Kate tends to avoid her pre-Hounds stuff which is a shame because that includes The Dreaming.

      1. I can totally relate to the admire/love distinction – I admire A Day in the LIfe more than Rocky Raccoon but I love Rocky more!
        And I think any list I make would have an asterisk beside it, with the disclaimer of *as of time of clicking publish, subject to change. Like with the Top 3 Kate list, Deeper Understanding or Running up that Hill could easily find their way in there on any given day!

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