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Of Allergies

close up photo of laying cat
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I have a f***ed up immune system. Yeah, the snot’s so high up my face, I can’t be bothered with writing a classier opening sentence. I’ve come again for my, what has been for a while, monthly self-pity party. A smashing rant for a starter, whining for the main course, and I can’t be bothered with dessert because, you know what, happy things are lies. Cupcakes are con-artists. Continue reading “Of Allergies”

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Of Bad Habits

I’ve become everything I swore I wouldn’t be.

Well, not everything, but imagine if I wrote the above sentence in all caps with an exclamation mark and an airbrushed picture of myself with Macaulay Culkin’s iconic expression from Home Alone. Nah, even that won’t be clickbait-y enough. Continue reading “Of Bad Habits”