Of Opinions – The Book

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Description of Of Opinions: Essays on Life, Love and Loneliness:

A millennial going through a quarter-life crisis? What could be more annoying?

Ah, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Sample this:

Past your quarter-life, it is stupid to try to be young and idiotic to try to be old. You do not have the energy for the former, and you do not have the money for the latter.

And this:

They call it battling depression as it it were a one-off event, lasting only a few days. But, to me, it feels like warring depression, going on relentlessly with no sign of an end, both parties suffering without one winning over the other, with a scarcity of provisions ever on the rise. Sometimes it deceives me into thinking it is better, and there is song and dance that signals the end is near. Only to be bombed with greater force, as though the stasis of war felt better than its cruel re-advent.

Taking life in all its variety, Of Opinions dares to, well, have opinions on them. It’s a mad, motley bunch of musings that will make you laugh, cry and perhaps, change your life. And while it does not claim to be the Best Book Ever, it is certainly up there with the most bizarre – mixing humor with philosophy. For, when did one exist without the other?

From singing in the shower, to whining about social media, to having many deep thoughts on art and mortality, Of Opinions takes you on a journey into the author’s life and soul.

If you’re a book/philosophy blogger, and would like a copy to read/review, write me at ofopinions@gmail.com .