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Of Sleepless Nights

I have done this before. I have written posts that weren’t premeditated, that aimed to capture a mood rather than a line of enquiry into human behaviour. I have been totally missing in action, though not as long as this before. But, now is not the time to cry, as Liam Gallagher would say. Now is the time to find out why. Continue reading “Of Sleepless Nights”

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Of Mood Swings

brown wooden swing
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Tomorrow is the last of my summer holidays. I managed to get more than I expected. I promised myself I’ll do a solid week, but I got a few more days off. I was desperate for this holiday especially, not because it is proper tropical hot (as it should be), but because I was really tired. I have bad knees, Continue reading “Of Mood Swings”

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Our Cousin Feeling Crapathetic (Courtesy: Pixabay)

First I thought it was a passing phase and out of nowhere, I found myself singing Daniel Powter. Then, a day turned into a few days. On Saturday I called it a “bad week”, as I shed a few embarrassing and uncharacteristic tears in public transport. Today, it’s ten days. Like any bad meteorologist, I hope my prediction is false when I say, “Seems like Hurricane Crapathy will be with us for a fortnight.”

To be honest, I don’t know what crapathy means exactly. I first learnt about it through Continue reading “Crapathy”

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Of Art and Isolation

Stephen Fry

It’s not all bad. Heightened self-consciousness, apartness, an inability to join in, physical shame and self-loathing—they are not all bad. Those devils have been my angels. Without them I would never have disappeared into language, literature, the mind, laughter and all the mad intensities that made and unmade me. – Stephen Fry

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Of Choosing Life

Oscar wilde
Oscar Wilde

There are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life, fully, entirely, completely-or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. – Oscar Wilde

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Of Enthusiasm

Scene from Enchanted (2007)

Quite cynically, I could have called this blog post ‘Of Cynicism’. But, to avoid that, is my exact purpose in writing this.

I can be quite a lot to take. I know. I can feel the awkwardness whenever I step into a room, or any degree of a social circle, any unit of civilization. I can feel their perceptions transmitted to me, “Who is this oddity? She looks plain, Continue reading “Of Enthusiasm”