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Of Privilege

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On my very first day of college where I had enrolled for an honours degree in English literature, the teachers of my department assembled all the first-year students in a classroom to get to know them. Because I had a five-hour round commute to my college that consisted of multiple transportation – local train, buses and autorickshaws – I had arrived just in time to manage to get myself a seat at the back of the room. Being excited was, of course, an obvious emotion to experience Continue reading “Of Privilege”

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For All Those Who Think They’re Stupid



This is a manifesto/confession I wrote in my first year of college whilst studying English literature. My natural response when it comes to reading old diaries is to cringe, but I pretty much feel the same now, as I did then. I was reading The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing last night, where she writes,

Why is their interpretation of the word critic always to find fault?…That valuable person who understands what you are doing, what you are aiming for, Continue reading “For All Those Who Think They’re Stupid”

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Of Geeking Out

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I’m going away on vacation soon. I was asked to find out more about things to do at this place. I googled it, like any mere mortal. And I spent the entire morning learning about its history, geography, administration, politics, economy, sports…just about everything Wikipedia has to offer on the subject. I still don’t know what I’m actually going to do there, but there are factoids I’m bursting to drop when and where I get the chance. Continue reading “Of Geeking Out”