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Of Entertainment and Etiquette

Audience Member On Their Phone (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Don’t kick the seats.

I know only about ten people will read this, but if you’re somebody who kicks the seat in front of you while watching a movie at a theatre, or a play, or a concert, or any social arrangement that requires being in rows of seats (like a wedding or a funeral), DO NOT KICK THE SEAT IN FRONT OF YOU. Don’t you ever get kicked at? Don’t you feel Continue reading “Of Entertainment and Etiquette”

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Of Being A Fan

In my recent post Of Charm, I cited Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan as a definitive example of someone naturally charming. My friend SourgirlOhio expressed interest in knowing him and Bollywood films in general. I was excited at the prospect of introducing something I love to someone completely new to it, but also felt a responsibility I would not have felt as much on recommending anything else. How could I introduce someone to a whole new culture, Continue reading “Of Being A Fan”