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Of The Price of Buying Too Much

Pretty, new packages (Courtesy: Pexels)

Growing up, my father had a system. Everybody in the family, whether child or adult, gets an equal amount of money allotted to them, and they would do their clothes (and shoes and bags and accessories…) shopping for the Indian festive season within that amount. Unless there was an absolute necessity for buying something during the rest of the year (such as new items for school), we didn’t think about getting new clothes. Continue reading “Of The Price of Buying Too Much”

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Vote For The Thirteenth Doctor!

doctor who
The Doctor(s)

The search is on for the next Doctor  on the best TV show in television history, Doctor Who. (Seriously, if you’ve never seen it, make good of your Netflix subscription and watch it this weekend. Or now. You can thank me later.) Fans are already speculating about who’s going to be the next Doctor, with Richard Ayoade and Tilda Swinton Continue reading “Vote For The Thirteenth Doctor!”

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Read ‘Of Opinions’ on Kindle Unlimited!

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Of Opinions: Essays on Life, Love and Loneliness is a collection of humourous, philosophical essays on contemporary life. Taking up topics as varied as beauty, exercise, sleep, common colds, art and the new religion christened by the author as selfiesm, Of Opinions offers unique, good-humoured perspectives on our bewildering modern lives.

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Of Boybands

Backstreet Boys: puppy love

At least, Duran Duran write their own music and play instruments. How do I defend a band like the Backstreet Boys, supergroup from the late 90s, who have sold over 130 million albums worldwide, were important enough to have Millennium as their album title in year 2000, and are fresh in recent memory to be still looked at with distaste by certain music lovers and critics? We’re talking about things greater than image or Continue reading “Of Boybands”

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Of Enthusiasm

Scene from Enchanted (2007)

Quite cynically, I could have called this blog post ‘Of Cynicism’. But, to avoid that, is my exact purpose in writing this.

I can be quite a lot to take. I know. I can feel the awkwardness whenever I step into a room, or any degree of a social circle, any unit of civilization. I can feel their perceptions transmitted to me, “Who is this oddity? She looks plain, Continue reading “Of Enthusiasm”

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Of Physical Beauty

Plastic Surgery Cartoon

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about going to the doctor to get treatment for acne. Just to recap, he gave me a lot of medication, some oral, some topical, and told me to update him after 3 weeks. Nothing’s changed, but he gave me a new prescription anyway, this time with more topical meds – a sunscreen lotion and a facewash. When my mother sardonically asked, “Are they medicines or cosmetics?”, I replied, “At least, our kidneys aren’t on display. Else, you’d have kidney beautification products too.”

Which got me thinking, what if we, humans, didn’t have skin? Continue reading “Of Physical Beauty”

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Of Accents

"What I enjoy most about sauvignon blanc is saying it."
French Accent Cartoon

I attempted a podcast on accents, but it shall never be heard due to my atrocious American accent. Here is the transcript:

Hi everyone, my name is Amrita, welcome to Of Opinions. I’m trying to do an American accent, cuz some of you that tuned into my previous podcast commented on my Indian accent, and I said I’d do an American one just for fun. Continue reading “Of Accents”